Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Wow.  It has been a minute since my last post.  Our weather has been crazy and a 30 degree rise or drop on the thermometer in a 24 hour period has become a pretty regular occurence.  Literally, snowing 9 inches right into 65 degrees and sunny… It is wreaking havoc on my skin.  (& my sinuses)

I’m relying heavily on facial oils (yes, it’s scary at first) – I’ve been mixing a drop with my daily skin tint/spf bc I’m that dry and I’ve found it prolongs my look (foundation).  I’m using Circ Cell oil in a sensitive blend right now but am curious about Rodin and RMS oils too.  Note, I did not have any breakouts when I incorporated oil into my daily routine.

Circ Cell is an amazing company & this oil truly has transformed my skin.  It absorbs instantly, the light scent is aroma therapeutic, plus it heals redness and irritation overnight and leaves you glowing.  It worked wonders getting me through the downtime in between IPL laser treatments.

I’m also leaning on luminizer to brighten me up.  This one by RMS is my fav.


 It melts into skin & gives such a pretty, natural glow.  Since I’m mixing oil and luminizer into my skin tint/foundation (I alternate bw Revision & Nars bc I love the high SPF in both) – it became necessary to invest in a good brush.  I’m obsessed with this guy – also by RMS. 

It keeps product distribution nice & light. 

Tom Ford is the man behind my current fav eye palette, lip shine & special event foundation.  More on that next post!