Monday, June 13, 2016

Inspiration courtesy of Victoria Beckham NYFW

My summer makeup look:


The flawless yet real skin, light on foundation... this naked upper lid & that gorgeous slightly iridescent black shadow drop on the bottom lid.

Finish with the tiniest hint of bronzer and a natural pink popsicle stained gloss lip.

I tried and achieved the look in about 10 minutes flat this morning & while it's slightly better suited for date night or a cocktail lunch than my office (LOL) I'm totally digging it.  I'll share products used soon!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Wow.  It has been a minute since my last post.  Our weather has been crazy and a 30 degree rise or drop on the thermometer in a 24 hour period has become a pretty regular occurence.  Literally, snowing 9 inches right into 65 degrees and sunny… It is wreaking havoc on my skin.  (& my sinuses)

I’m relying heavily on facial oils (yes, it’s scary at first) – I’ve been mixing a drop with my daily skin tint/spf bc I’m that dry and I’ve found it prolongs my look (foundation).  I’m using Circ Cell oil in a sensitive blend right now but am curious about Rodin and RMS oils too.  Note, I did not have any breakouts when I incorporated oil into my daily routine.

Circ Cell is an amazing company & this oil truly has transformed my skin.  It absorbs instantly, the light scent is aroma therapeutic, plus it heals redness and irritation overnight and leaves you glowing.  It worked wonders getting me through the downtime in between IPL laser treatments.

I’m also leaning on luminizer to brighten me up.  This one by RMS is my fav.


 It melts into skin & gives such a pretty, natural glow.  Since I’m mixing oil and luminizer into my skin tint/foundation (I alternate bw Revision & Nars bc I love the high SPF in both) – it became necessary to invest in a good brush.  I’m obsessed with this guy – also by RMS. 

It keeps product distribution nice & light. 

Tom Ford is the man behind my current fav eye palette, lip shine & special event foundation.  More on that next post!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Therapy Systems

It seemed only fitting to do a post on a brand that is dominating my makeup drawer as of late & just happens to be a local gem brought to life by the owner of Private Edition and Cosmetic Market, Linda Roberts.  The brand, Therapy Systems is sold at both of her cult classic boutiques (the staff at Private Edition know me by name) and apparently is sold in boutiques stretching as far as Hong Kong.  I think Linda and I probably have many similarities… it appears our favorite store is also the same – H. Audrey – deserves a post of its own!

My love of Therapy Systems started with a single “Smoky Taupe” shadow, I got near daily compliments on it & suddenly I’d scooped up three more shades.  My new fav is “Broadway” – a perfect lightest of light brown with just a hint of violet & shimmer.  I passed these shadows in Linda’s boutiques for years and never tried one – true they’re so much more gorgeous on than in their pretty mirrored packaging. 

As a major lip balm addict I’m surprised I’m just now trying Therapy Systems’  Rx for Lips.  I bought it Sunday while fretting over an Omorvicza balm that seems to have disappeared in my own home.  I didn’t want to shell out $50 for a new one knowing the lost one would surely surface soon… no doubt hidden in a Manolo somewhere by my toddler.  I also knew I needed something more powerful than Smith’s Salve (no disrespect to that brand, which I adore)… Enter the $32 RX for Lips which contains just a touch of retinol to plump your pout and swiftly rid it of any dry/dead skin.  Ideal for under your lipstick or worn alone to constantly kiss your child without leaving any colored residue.

I read an article dated back to 2005 that said Linda planned to be the next Estee Lauder.  To that I’d have to say, Get it, Girl! 

*All images via Therapy Systems site.


Friday, October 9, 2015

That AHA Moment

It’s true, as we age our skin completely changes.  I actually have dry skin.  I spent years cursing my oiliness & fretting over it and now like I’ve been smacked in the face, I see that my skin has totally changed.  Maybe it is my age (approaching 36) or the fact that I’ve had a baby (hormones are such a bitch) – whatever the reason, my whole routine has had to slowly change too.

I blogged a week or so ago about getting a 1) Clarisonic, truly life changing.  I swear I’ve not had one clogged pore and my skin is smoother and SOFTER than it’s ever been.  I think I’m totally done with foundation.  I feel like it instantly ages me and it lasts no longer on me than a fluid tint, BB cream, or tinted moisturizer. I see now, after spending a fortune throughout my adult life on products and care, that my skin is pretty good.  I’m sensitive and reddish but things could be SOOO much worse.  My current favorites are 2) Edward Bess and Revision.

3) Luminizer is easy and the effect is really pretty when done lightly – especially in pictures.  I’m using one by Trish McEvoy and it is amazing how quickly it brightens and lightens the area under the eyes, bridge of nose (tricky for me bc my nose is not delicate (i.e. it’s big)) and the cupid’s bow. 

4) Blush, in a gel or cream form, is super easy to apply IF you have the right brush & instantly you look perkier, more awake, and brighter.  I am using a liquid blush and brush by Trish. 

This might sound like a lot of stuff but each amount is so small and because all the formulas are so sheer, light, and easy to work with that you can knock out this entire look in 5 mins.  The result is really plumped, smooth, glowy, and I’ll admit it, radiant skin.

*Look for follow up with product details next week!  Until then TGIF.


Monday, September 28, 2015

Late to the Party


I finally got a Clarisonic – yes, I’m a decade late & I really don’t know why I waited so long.  In short, everything everyone says about these facial brushes is true.  It makes skin radiant, smooth, and baby soft after just one use.  Slowly you see blackheads disappear and pores look smaller due to their being squeaky clean.  Moisturizers, serums, toners & essences are all more effective.  It’s pretty phenomenal. 


Ultra dewy complexion Perfector

I am especially enjoying this Edward Bess dewy complexion perfector after washing my face.  It is so seamless and pretty and leaves your skin so glowy & youthful looking.  A little bit of this formula goes a very long way but doesn’t feel heavy at all – the coverage is very sheer and light.  Amaze.  Perfect for the drier Fall and Winter months.


Monday, August 10, 2015


YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil

If I had to invent a lip gloss/balm this would be it.  It’s seriously a dream.  I love it so much I immediately bought 2 colors.  The formula is a super sheer tint that doubles as a deep conditioning oil.  Your lips are immediately super soft & have the most gorgeous natural glow.  If you refrain from eating, drinking or kissing immediately you’ll find that it almost acts as a lip stain with a glossy smooth finish.  I loved every color I tried.  My favorite was “I Rose You” – the most beautiful pale baby pink shimmer.  Yum. 

More later in the week on the two products below which make weekends a breeze! #glossier

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Right now I can't live without...

Omorvicza Hydra Lift Cream

I use this as my night cream, I wake up plumped, firm & fresh.
I find it keeps my skin looking better throughout the day as well.  Hydration is key.


 Revision Intellishade Tinted Moisturizer SPF 45

Words cannot even describe how happy this tinted moisturizer makes me.  I own the original (dewy) and matte version – where have you been all my life?  Read the reviews anywhere, this stuff is medical grade and magic.

 Jo Malone’s candles/diffusers

My favorite candles are Wood Sage & Sea Salt and Incense & Embers.  My favorite diffuser is Red Roses.  AMAZING.  They make coming home even more relaxing & make weekends in (these are frequent lately due to record heat and humidity in the south) super cozy.