Monday, March 13, 2017

Kat Burki and Armani

The prettiest palette ever courtesy of Giorgio Armani…

Giorgio Armani 02 Boudoir

This eye quad is so gorgeous.  The hazy lavender tinged neutrals are super blendable, sheer, and easy to apply.  I’m actually following the color coordinated application chart insert and loving how pretty this velvet like color is looking on my lids especially with a pop of shimmer at the inner corners.


& newcomer…

Kat Burki Vitamin C Nourishing Cleansing Balm

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the sweet girl at the Cosmetic Market that turned me onto this moisturizing cleansing balm packed with vitamin C.  My life is seriously forever changed. For years I swore off cleansers that weren’t from a drugstore but now it’s apparent my mid/late 30s skin needs something that packs a bit more of a punch.  I am not exaggerating when I say this makes my skin bounce.  I’m obsessed with it & the cute little muslin cloth that comes with it.  I’m on week 2 and my skin is glowing!!


Monday, February 20, 2017

Denim Genes

I’m a jeans and tee shirt girl to the core (like, I have a tee shirt dealer).  Not only is it my uniform but it is seriously one of my life’s greatest happiness – obvi aside from my family, doggie, son’s happiness, etc.  You get the gist.

Lately (think major dry spell) I have been in a denim depression.  We all need a pair of jeans we can reach for no matter what the occasion that make us feel like a million bucks instantly.  In the past 4 years I seem to have acquired a lot of denim that looks good not great and has major “if” status.  Looks great if worn with a pointy toe pump, looks good but not if wearing ankle booties, looks good but only if shirt is untucked… blah blah blah.  Moreover, let me again stress, I never think I look that great in them.

Honestly, I’ve been dreaming of trying to start a denim label.  Financial backers out there??  I like high waist, I like medium waist & I still love a moderate low waist – but it must NEVER show my ass if I lean over to pick up my son, squat beside him (so that means the back rise must be higher & it must not gape)… If it’s high waist my mom-skin cannot puff over the top… sidebar: use the oils and rubs for your belly while pregnant.  I have a six pack with loose mom skin.  WTF?

I love skinny jeans but I do not want bunching at my ankle & I do not want the jean clinging to my ankle for dear life either.  I love step hems but I’m 6 foot – that means they’re all like capri length on me – no thanks.  How has some gawky amazon height super model not fixed this yet?? I love Levis 501s and Re/done denim but you have to commit to trying on like 50 pairs and ordering them online is frustrating AF. (ain’t no mom got time for that)  Don’t get started on the wash – the whiskering??  The faux faded thighs and butt – why on earth should we draw attention to that area?  I like clean dark denim or shades of black.   Distress is fine & great but skin popping out of distress -- because the jeans are so elasticized -- like a sausage trying to escape from a casing?  Nope nope nope.

My dark denim days ended this January when the enthusiastic & delightful staff at Imogene +  Willie tracked down a pair of jeans in a faded black wash I was after in a style I didn’t know I was after (at the time)… they custom fitted said denim to my shape, cut the ends off so I had a true ankle jean with a frayed hem that didn’t cling for my tall frame & I was on my way.  I live in these jeans & every time I put them on I smile & feel like a billion bucks.  I started to freak out about wearing them too much – like what if they began to just disintegrate from so much love?  Today I bought a backup pair in a clean simple dark blue wash.  All is right in my denim daze again… And suddenly I can empathize with those “crazy” girls on Ebay stalking their favorite long lost discontinued lipstick.

Sometimes what you need the most is right in front of you.  Or in my case, next door to my favorite coffee shop & 1 mile from my house.  Happy Monday.  Feels like a Friday.  Boom!


But wait, come back off the ledge!  If you’re not in Nashville they have strores in Portland, LA & a killer website. 

**all images courtesy of Imogene + Willie

Thursday, February 2, 2017

French Chic

Embryolisse Cream

 This cult classic is everything you’ve imagined and more.

Packed with skin soothers like aloe, proteins like soy, and cell stimulating fatty acids - this guy is a no brainer for women, men & babies.  Plus, it smells like a dream in the most subtle possible way & it’s cheap.  Too good to be true??  Nope, these French babes have just mastered effortless affordable beauty like nobody else. 



I’m starting to use this after my retinol sinks in on nights when I apply it & have pretty much been using it every day too. 
My skin is soft, supple & pleasantly plumped. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

essence & enzymes...

Tatcha Enzyme Powder & Essence

I’ve had these 2 small dry patches on either side of my nose that I literally have not been able to get rid for months – even before winter (crazy mild this year) actually arrived in Nashville.

Enter Tatcha:

I am using this powder a few times a week, followed by the essence on my days off from a BHA toner or retinol & the results are pretty amazing plus the dry patches vanished. 



I’ve been a Tatcha fan from the beginning & the brand, to this day, never ceases to amaze me!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Shine On

Beautycounter Lip Shine & Gloss
My newest obsession (tho I’m still really feeling my Bite matte lipstick) are these Beautycounter glosses & lip shine.  I’m constantly searching for new glosses and these are by far and away my new favorites.  The consistency is so soft and moisturizing.  There is absolutely zero tacky or stickiness and their staying power is bananas.  The lip shine has a tiny hint of shimmer but no color so it just enhances your natural color & looks gorgeous on.

I’m also using Glosses: Blossom and Dahlia when I want a tiny hint of natural color.  I knew these were for me when I made it through Thanksgiving Day & what felt like 20 glasses of wine without having to constantly reapply or feeling parched in between my very few reapplications.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Welcome Beautycounter

That’s right, I joined a friend’s team based in L.A.  & have signed on as a consultant.

I’m proud and excited albeit a bit scared to embark on this new adventure & see where it takes me!  Beautycounter was a no brainer for me because I have a never ending love of products – all products – cosmetics to nail polish to anti-aging to shampoo/conditioner and the list goes on and I’m obviously very health conscious especially as a mother.  This phenomenal company whose mission & products are just BEYOND…seemed like a perfect fit.  I have 0 sales experience and to be honest, I’m so not a seller but we all know I love products and we all know I can talk about and advocate for something I love.  This amazing company is making these truly "beautiful products made safe".  Aside from offering safe and effective products, what is setting Beautycounter apart is that they are making it their mission to inform consumers about harmful ingredients found in countless brands we all know & likely love.  They are doing this by making sure you know everything about what is inside your own beauty products. 

Beautycounter produces some really terrific products and they don’t go unnoticed mainstream.  Case in point, look what popped on Gwyneth’s Goop the other day as a “must have.”


**photo via

I’m a spray fanatic & I'm IN LOVE with this one.  I adore them used to set makeup, to add extra moisture first thing in the morning before moisturizer, equally as great to refresh makeup or naked skin mid day and of course on a plane in that awful dry air.  I’m also very partial to rose – I find it so refreshing & soothing.  It is ideal for locking in moisture and helping your skin stay supple and dewy in the dry winter months.  The glass bottle is gorgeous on your counter, vanity or nightstand, a fab stocking stuffer for friends or family. Are the holidays really upon us???!!  Wish me luck!! 



Monday, November 21, 2016

Once Bitten

Bite Beauty Multi Sticks
I wear lipstick now – it just happened; I’m 37.  On a whim I grabbed this one from Bite Beauty & was like “seriously, can I do this?” – it is very very matte & I’m sure I’d find it drying but here’s how I’m making it work: 1) sugar scrub lips to exfoliate 2) apply lipstick with finger/brush or from tube 3) dab a bit of balm on top.  I feel like it instantly revived my whole look.  To be honest, it was just a change & gracious I’ve needed that lately on SO many levels as of late.  I like to go liner free for kind of a faded, not so perfect look. 

My color choice was macaron.  Duh.  Here's a dynamite duck lips pic for you!



Then I bought an additional one of these delightful multi sticks for my eyes:

My color choice: Anise, a yummy rich coffee shade that smooths out way less intense than it looks.  I love a one-step smoky eye.  I put a primer underneath, let it set, then layered this creamy neutral on my lids using my finger & a brush to blend.  Gorgeous natural depth & accentuation instantly.  Boom.