Thursday, July 27, 2017

H & M


This is such a good discovery I had to share.  I can’t really wear sweaters – no matter how cold it is because I’m always hot.  But I'm really into the look of an oversized loose weave sweater.  I finally found the perfect one that feels and breathes like cotton – it’s almost seasonless (well, probably only if you live in Cali) but you get the idea.  In Sept. I could definitely throw it on with cutoffs and be comfy.

Brochu Walker makes killer ones but they’re definitely an investment at around $400 a pop.  So I fell down the Instagram rabbit hole & decided to give an H&M one I spotted on the cutest real life local  blogger a try.  They ring up at a cool $17.99.

Y’all I’m OBSESSED & literally cannot wait for Fall.  I ordered a camel one in a large, think super slouchy, off the shoulder.  Then went back & snagged a charcoal one in a medium.  Keep in mind when ordering that while I’m thin I’m almost 6 foot.  If you’re under 5’8 get the medium for that slouchy off the shoulder look I described above.  Or, go for a tunic style look & let it cover your tush in cashmere leggings for a cozy, yet totally functional chic mom-proof outfit. #nobuyjuly ends in a few days -- GO CRAZY!  Jk Jk


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Retinol (eye roll)

I’m retinol intolerant – I try & I try but I cannot get over that retinol hump (prescription or store bought) that most people get over around the 2- 4 week mark.  I just remain slightly red, flaky & irritated and earlier this year I just said F it.  Turns out, there are a lot of others like me…

THOUGH I can tolerate this particular retinol pad packed with moisturizing ferulic acid very well (and yes, I obvi layered moisturizer over my retinol in the past).  Enter one of my holy grail products – the Denis Gross Ferulic Retinol Recovery Peel – I do it once or twice a week for exfoliation & glow.  Seriously, the affect it has on my forehead and t-zone is nothing short of spectacular.

You truly wake up from your slumber with fine lines and pores minimized, skin tone even (ta-ta redness) & texture so smooth.  Sephora will give you a sample if you want to check how your skin tolerates!  These convenient little pads are especially key to remove all that gross product build-up during these humid summer months like sunblock & sweat.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Tea Time

Tea To Tan – By Terry
So I love Jergens' gradual self tanner… always have.  It’s cheap, totally fool proof & I think it gives me a light & natural hint of a tan.  I use it on and off pretty much year round just to keep my skin looking even & healthy.  It’s not moisturizing at all though – it actually dries my skin out.  Plus, sometimes I’m just lazy and it doesn’t occur to me to start putting it on by Weds so I glow by Fri.  My “me time” at home in the evenings is basically my shower, it’s literally a luxury if I have a spare minute to put on lotion too.  So I decided to make life easier in a pinch and mostly bc it’s hot and humid AF here & I find myself in cutoffs pretty much every weekend and thus, need my legs to look presentable & pretty. 

This By Terry product is the bomb.  It’s also super affordable, what????  I know!!  It leaves you glowing with the prettiest tan and the most subtle glimmer of shimmer (think slimming shimmer).  By Terry says it will not transfer and it does. Not. Budge.  You legit spray it on your arms/legs wherever, give it a quick blend or frantic mom style rub in as you swat your kid away = immediate gratification.  You’re glowing & ready to roll. 

Friday, June 9, 2017

Spotlight: RMS

Keeping my clean beauty trend going this week... R M S
I adore this clean/organic beauty brand year round but especially in the summer.  I use RMS’ living luminizer on the daily – on brow bones, inner eye corners, cheek bones, etc.  Ok, maybe not all three of those areas daily but I always add it somewhere to my face for light & luminosity.

A few other obsessions by this brand are the eye shadows – one color equals an earthy natural smoky eye (I love the Tobacco series), the lip shine in sublime (it’s super glossy, natural, and moisturizing) which creates a chic popsicle stained pout & the eye polish in Lunar - it doubles as a highlighter (think more “evening appropriate”) than the luminizer I mentioned above. 

This brand uses a coconut oil heavy base which is delightful for your skin but be warned the idea here is natural, not makeup that is going to stay in place perfectly for hours on end.  I don’t really use the eye polishes much for this reason – though they’re seriously beyond gorgeous!!  For some reason I just can't deal with a messy crease.   Another cult following product by RMS is the un-cover up, a classic cover up that’s good for your skin and blends like a dream.
How simple and natural for Summer is this little line up below??


Monday, May 22, 2017

Saving Face

My top shelf

Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore Moisturizer

This moisturizer has been an absolute life saver for my oddly dry complexion.  My skin just drinks it up and I’m all about the decadent consistency.  It definitely gives you that glowy fresh look!  It is packed with all the essentials we need but start to lose as our skin ages: lipids, vitamin E and essential oils.  I’m about ½ way through my jar and I’ll 100% be buying again.  I can tell there’s a significant difference in the suppleness and elasticity of my skin already. 


Vintners Daughter Serum

I definitely drank the Koolaide on this one & it’s proven to be worth every penny plus it stays right in tune with my post last week about keeping it natural.  This active botanical serum is like a dream applied in the evenings before bed (oh, the scent!) and is majorly dialing back my redness and helping with the evenness of my overall complexion.  I can’t really explain it but trust me, it works – the reviews speak for themselves. 


Tatcha Dew Mist

I have been supporting this brand since day one.  Nothing but love for them.  I have also loved this mist just as long.  I ltruly love almost all facial mists and use them daily.  This one was my first true love though.  I use it to add glow to my evening look, refresh during the day, or add moisture back to my skin when traveling.  My 4 year old is a huge lover of facial mists too.  LOL


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Earth Mama


 This is my new “can’t live without it” product.  Sure, it’s super trendy and definitely having a major moment but for good reason.  It WORKS.  I put it on blemishes (it heals them 3x faster & immediately zaps redness), cuts & scrapes (my little one’s too), lips, and anywhere on my skin – face or body – that needs a little boost.  It has dramatically increased my skin’s moisture and has healed pesky spots/scars lingering.  Literally, it is a universal solvent – calms flyaways & heals chapped lips & cuticles too.

This hand cream is amaze.  I grabbed it at Credo in L.A.  in Feb. & just ordered my second tube.    It is my newest fav in terms of keeping my hands soft & smooth.


 Juice Beauty glosses take a bit of getting used to thanks to their somewhat grainy texture and consistency, however once you’re used to them it's insane how moisturizing they are plus they add the prettiest most natural looking gloss to lips.  My favorite shade is bikini. 

I’m also currently loving Beauty Counter’s Dew Skin (optimum hydration) & Tint Skin as my foundations.  They’re so hydrating and so sheer and easy to blend.

I don’t exactly feel elated with my skin as I barrel towards 40 (reality check, I’m 37) but realistically I should given the amount of time & money I spend.  On top of dermaplanning, laser treatments, regular facials, etc. I take my vitamins, I exercise, I eat healthy & I drink a ton of water yet still I’m plagued by redness and odd hormonal breakouts… it occurred to me the products I use daily could be upsetting my system.  Especially products packed with parabens which are known to disrupt hormones so, for a bit I’m trying to go AU NATUREL. 

Next up, Tatcha’s dew skin mist & Trish’s spf 35 beauty balm.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

next up & a Denim Darling...

Working on an earthy post due up later this week on all my environmentally friendly/non toxic or rather “clean” beauty products and make up as of late.

Until then, I’m DYING over this simple- slouchy but not too slouched-distressed-vintage denim situation shown below & I’m going to try really hard emulate this weekend…


*photo via DailyMail