Wednesday, November 30, 2011

By Terry Complexion Enhancer

By Terry Eclat de Teint

This is honestly the best $100 I’ve ever spent.  Not really a primer, not really a moisturizer… more of just an overall complexion enhancer… this formula is AMAZING!!  It makes every aspect of your skin better.  It can be mixed with your foundation for a luminescent glow, worn on its own for a “no make-up make-up” look, or layered over moisturizer and under foundation to anchor foundation in place and conceal and virtually erase large pores, dark spots, and fine lines.  I bought shade 3 (midnight mauve) but had been using a sample of shade 2 (glowing rose) and they’re equally as spectacular.  I chose no. 3 because I have a lot of red/pink in my skin as is so I tend to gravitate towards products w/ blue undertones as opposed to pink or peach.  

Seriously, a couple dabs of this product under foundation has completely changed my complexion.  It has virtually eliminated the need for an afternoon touch up – my skin actually glows and doesn’t look the least bit oily. Huge.  HUGE discovery for me.  A sample the size of a quarter has lasted me for a month so, the $100 jar will probably last you over a year.  This product is similar to a light diffuser in that it just makes your whole face glowing, gorgeous and perfect!  (oh, and it smells like roses!) Totally splurge-worthy.

 I will get back on track with my gift suggestions in a day or two. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jo Malone Killer Combo

Jo Malone Vitamin E Body Treatment

A deliciously decadent scrub that sloughs away dead skin cells leaving your skin, hydrated, fresh and smooth.  The scrub is packed with anti-oxidants, vitamin E, and salts.  It’s fabulous and would make a wonderful gift.
Extra credit if you buy the body balm for after your scrub too – Jo Malone Vitamin E Body Balm

 I’m not really a scrub then moisturize kinda gal but this combo is truly to die for.  My skin gets really dry in the winter, especially my legs since I exercise a lot and go from sweating in a hot gym or yoga studio to walking to my car in the bitter cold/rain – this balm instantly zaps dry skin and leaves you refreshed and glowing.  If you need a calm and relaxing night, treating yourself and your skin to a soak in the tub with this dynamic duo is the ticket.  Make someone in your life really happy and gift them with these Jo Malone products, I swear they’ll love you forever. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Diptyque Feu De Bois

Diptyque “Wild Fire” Feu De Bois

And… it’s time to think Christmas now, ladies!!  Presents, presents, presents… I’m going to do thoughtful gift ideas all week in a wide range of price points.  Kicking off Monday… A Diptyque candle.  Diptyque is Parisian and it’s basically the Birkin of candles.

The scent above is my favorite, it’s woodsy and musky and smells kind of like a fireplace that is burning the best smelling wood you’ve ever encountered.  Lucky Nashvillians can visit the Diptyque counter at Nordstrom where I bought one for our house this weekend.  A neat thing about Diptyque… they're fun to mix and match.  (i.e. burn the “feu de bois” in your living room while burning the “tuberose” in an adjacent or adjoining room) The result is heaven.  

Plus, the little glass vessels are super chic and the black and white label is adorable.  Prices range from $28-$90 and higher (like $475) if you want to buy a monster (as we hear Taylor Swift did this past weekend).

I’ve added a link to the candles at Nordstrom above and below is a fun hipstamatic print that I snapped of the candle burning happily on my night stand yesterday.  I literally laid next to it all day… aside from a brief hour and a half when I ventured out in the rain to do yoga.  

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

california cream

California Baby Calming Moisturizing Cream

All my faithful readers know that I’m always on the hunt for the best multi-purpose hand/foot cream.  I usually love one I find at first but then very rarely actually re-buy it.  Well, I just might have found a game changer and, (my frugal followers will love this) it’s only $14.00!!

My nail lady has been telling me to buy this cream for years and I finally stumbled upon it in Publix of all places!!  California Baby is 100% organic and completely sustainable.  It’s great for people with sensitive skin and of course, babies too.  It absorbs immediately and has a light and fresh smell that reminds me of eucalyptus. My hands and feet have never felt or looked better.  Perfect for preserving the mani/pedi I got on Sunday.  California Baby has found a permanent lifelong home in my handbag and on my night stand.  Your hands and feet will thank you.  Here’s a link to the cream on – it would make a great stocking stuffer.

Monday, November 21, 2011

This Bitch is not bitter!!

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Bitter Bitch

It should be no surprise that Tom Ford’s nail colours are equally as hot as he is. :)  He’s my gay crush tied with my hairstylist J. T.  But, back to the topic at hand… I’ve been on the hunt for a new Winter shade and thanks to one of my BFFs I now have one (fab birthday gift, by the way!!!).  Bitter Bitch is a mix of espresso, aubergine & plum.  Yes, I picked those 3 shades as my own description.  The bottle is sleek and minimalist as is the packaging.  Below are a couple shots of the color on my fingers/toes.  It seems to be staying/sticking very well.  The polish is super glossy and beautiful just like Tom. Haha.

Here is a link to the color at Bergdorf’s:

& here are some pics of the color on me after a mani/pedi yesterday.  Please excuse my knobby gnarled toes (the joy of having neurological muscular issues at 32!!) 

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Omorovicza Complexion Enhancer

I like this product a lot.  I do not think I really have the type of skin (especially at this age) to go w/o foundation but, if I’m lazy, (this happens a good deal on the weekends) I will use this and this only.  It provides fairly moderate coverage for being a tinted moisturizer and definitely is super hydrating.  It did not completely cover the redness in my skin – if it did, I’d love it.  I think if you have pretty fabulous skin that has minimal lines/small pores, etc. then this product is ideal for you and being a tinted moisturizer it eliminates one step from your beauty routine. I love that it has SPF.  I used it while on vacay in the Bahamas a couple weeks ago and it was great for a hint of coverage while providing protection.