Friday, April 24, 2015

LA Stories (III of III)

Rag & Bone Denim


I do not usually like boyfriend jeans on my frame.  I am almost 6 feet tall and while I’m thin, I also am more of an athletic build.  I look like a boy in boyfriend jeans not like some sex pot who threw on her man’s jeans and looked effortlessly chic.  Enter the slim boyfriend… love it.  Super comfortable, not overwhelming, and looks equally cute cuffed with flats or worn straight leg with heels. 

Being so tall, most cropped styles on me hit way too high and look frumpy. The wash and details on these were too gorgeous for me not to try – I guess it was my lucky day bc they were perfect on me.   Two for two on Rag & Bone which is not typically a brand I’d gravitate too. 

Organic Cami

Everyone needs the perfect black top.  For me it’s more versatile & important than the little black dress.  I love this one by John Patrick’s line “Organic” so very much.  The silk is substantial so you don’t feel that cling to skin that can make you self-conscious and the fabric has a slight crinkle, so it travels well. I would pair this chic cami that even has adjustable straps with almost any bottom I own.  Truly a forever piece for a steal price.

We decided that these tee shirts by IRO that are filled with holes are just the best tee shirts ever made.  I’m not embarrassed to say I own a pale pink, black, navy & beige one. 

It you’re not feeling the holes, opt for this version that’s more polished with just an artfully shredded hem (I own it in white). 
Or a chic, three quarter sleeve version with a lower scooped neck that I’m lusting over. They are the most comfortable & flattering linen blend fabric and something about the crewneck, sleeve fit and just overall shape is seriously a dream. 
I bought a black one to wear on NYE 2 years ago and my obsession spiraled out of control from there…

My short sleeve grey one is currently en route! 


Thursday, April 16, 2015

LA Stories (II of III)

Violet Grey continued...

I don’t use eye cream, I am lazy and can’t be bothered.  I feel like since my primary moisturizer is La Mer, and that gets fairly close to my eye that it’s good enough but in reality, it’s not.  In reality, wrinkles are coming and I do not want to have to Botox that area like I do my forehead. 

Lip balm or lip cream I apply tirelessly, continuously and immediately at the first sign or hint of dryness.  I will go to my grave with fairly plump, minimally wrinkled, nicely colored lips even if I live to be 100.  They are always sealed and protected.

Enter, La Prairie’s Eye & Lip Perfection A Porter – this guy is whopper expensive but when you think about it as a two-in-one it’s a bit more tolerable. I regularly throw down $50-60 for lip balm by La Mer, Omorovicza, or By Terry so why not spend an additional $100 for a lip balm with eye cream attached to it. (An eye cream for $100 is actually middle of the road as far as price)  The idea is that every time I reach for the lip balm, I will smooth a bit of cream around my eye – yes, it’s meant for day too over your make up as a pick-me-up/brightener/moisturizer.



Finally I snapped up 2 Hourglass products that I am obsessed with already.  A primer and an eyebrow pencil.  The brow pencil is seriously the most amazing brow pencil ever, it is shaped perfectly, requires no sharpener & has a brush on one end.  The primer is gorgeous, has SPF 15 & feels exceptional on the skin.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

LA Stories (Part I of III)

Violet Grey 

I had the pleasure of visiting the most amazing boutique beauty spot while in L.A. last weekend – it was like a little plush purple dream of a space packed full of the most expertly curated mix of products ever.  I’m uber grateful to my BFF for hooking this up!  The entire experience deserves a post of its own but first, I’ll tell you what goodies I left with…

SK II Facial Essence

I quickly grew to love this new twice daily part of my routine, I feel like it’s a splash of holy water, one that promises to smooth fine lines, tighten pores, and visibly create clearer and more even skin tone.  It’s calming and my skin has reacted very well to it thus far.  I’m super grateful to have been introduced to this line because I honestly found it to be a bit intimidating prior to this occasion.

Tata Harper Mist

I’m obsessed with mists and was waiting until my favorite Caudalie one was empty before I tried another.  I love using a mist during travel to keep my skin looking hydrated, fresh and bright after being exposed to all that gross, condensed, and dry air while flying.  I also love using a mist at night to set my foundation & give me a moisturized glow. This particular product is great for people with rosacea or sensitive skin – I don’t have rosacea but I have a lot of redness and I’m also fairly sensitive so it’s been amazing on my skin.  Mists are equally as lovely when applied before bed.


Guerlain Bronzing Spray

Disclaimer – it’s easy to F up this application, that being said, when applied properly, the results are natural and gorgeous.  It is perfect for a light all over glow!!


Thank you again to my sweets for hooking this up.  Does she know me well, or what?

Oh, and look who just happens to be Violet Grey’s neighbor??!