Monday, April 30, 2012

Seche Vite

Seche Vite Top Coat

My favorite & the BEST topcoat ever.  This clear coat dries nails at lightning speed and leaves you with a smooth, hard & ultra glossy finish.  I have been a fan for years and can’t believe I’ve neglected to discuss it in my blog until now.  I like to use it a day or two after my manicure to lock polish in and give my nails that super shiny finish I seem to lose several days after my manicure.  This polish prevents chips and is guaranteed not to yellow your nail beds.  I love how it’s available in mini travel/handbag size bottles too! For under $10 – what’s not to love??

Check out this snap of my manicure with Seche Vite on top from Fri. night!  How fab is my heirloom cocktail ring??

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Stripper

Deborah Lippman’s Stripper To Go

This is the best idea ever!  These little lavender scented mitts quickly and effectively remove nail polish without drying out your hands or feet.  Ideal for storing in your desk, handbag or carrying with you when you travel – these guys can aid in correcting a polish chip or remove polish that’s run its course.

One package holds one mitt which is more than enough formula to remove several coats of polish from 10 nails.  They kind of remind me of finger puppets – so cute!  The scent is so mild that I promise you could use them in the office, on a plane, or in the car without any dirty looks or complaints from coworkers or passengers.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just like Heaven...

Lollia “Wish” Shea Butter hand cream

I know, I’m a hand cream addict!  This is my favorite one of them all and so affordable!  The smell reminds me of a day at the beach and the formula is to die for.  Snap one up as a Mother’s Day gift.  The packaging is French inspired and super cute – no wrapping required.  The fabulous scent lingers forever with hints of jasmine, vanilla, rice flower, & amber.  This luxurious cream immediately smooths cracks and dryness and leaves your hands soft, hydrated & not the least bit greasy.  

Heaven in a blue, white, and gold tube!  I think I might have to try the “Wish” parfum too.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Kevin Aucoin

Kevin Aucoin’s “Creamy Glow

Kevin Aucoin’s “Creamy Glow” works on lips and cheeks.  It is a gorgeous, sheer wash of highly pigmented color that is error proof.  I wore the creamy glow Sat. night with minimal makeup (foundation, neutral gloss & mascara) and used the “liquifuschia” shade (matte hot pink) on my lips and cheeks and loved it.  It’s fresh, easy & fun.  The Aucoin line is reasonably priced and this is a great 2 for 1 product that cuts down on time, money & room in your cosmetic bag.

I have been on the hunt for a matte hot pink lip color and this one is perfection.  Nashville’s Parlour 3 carries the Aucoin line.  I’ll be doing a post on that darling store later in the week.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Forever Young

Young Pharmaceuticals

I have started using some products from Young Pharmaceuticals on my skin.  To be completely honest with you… I stopped birth control about a year ago & my skin has been a train wreck (thank you hormones!) ever since.  I take an oral antibiotic, get the occasional cortisone injection and lead a very healthy life but alas, it’s not enough.

So, I’ve graduated to doing Lactic acid peels every 4-6 weeks and treating my skin with a gentle retinoid pad at night a couple times a week.  So far, so good… I’m just getting started and I can already notice a major difference especially in the appearance of my pores and skin tone.  I also have not had any redness, irritation, or flaking -- the smooth transition is such a treat!  My favorite product might be the lightly tinted sunscreen (SPF 30) that acts as a primer and is super soothing post peel not to mention protective!  I’m also using a peptide packed hyaluronic acid serum that I love.  Young is only available at medical offices but, if I were you, I’d take a peek at the website and scout it out in your area.  Another plus, the prices are extremely reasonable!  Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I got a MAJOR haircut last weekend!!  5 inches off, can you tell?  I am also moving towards having ombre hair -- in this photo it looks lighter but it's actually darker in person.  I love it!

Thank you Jeffrey Todd of Lotus Atlanta!!  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Birthday!

To my amazing hubby, who I lovingly call "Bubby," on his 36th birthday!

Love you, babe!  Thanks for all your support!

Pajama Party!!

My laidback casual chic Summer outfit.  

This will be my go-to for my May & June beach trips and my weekend lounge outfit for dinners in Nashville with friends out and in.  I’m a jeans girl all the way/all the time.  But, it gets HOT in the South and sometimes jean shorts (my alternative) just aren’t appropriate so, when my Mom pulled out these pants at a boutique in Atlanta last weekend, I just couldn’t resist.

Tolani Silk Pants

How cute are these??   

I will pair them with assorted tanks but most likely this black James Perse guy:

On my feet, if I’m not in flip flops, I will be in these mid-height, neutral Tory Burch wedges:

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