Monday, August 19, 2013

Blurred Lines

 La Mer The Treatment Foundation

A silky light weight formula that gives medium yet sheer buildable coverage.  The formula contains SPF 15 and La Mer’s exclusive Blue Algae Lift Ferment which immediately adds clarity, firmness, and radiance/brightness.

I finally made the jump to this formula over the weekend.  I love that it feels more like a treatment instead of makeup when you’re applying it.  It is smooth, seamless, and the 2 tiniest drops cover your whole face beautifully.   My shade is linen and it will carry me perfectly into Fall.  I’m a big La Mer fan – I love the soft cream, the oil absorbing tonic, and their serums though those are a bit too pricey for me to swing post baby.  And now I’m loving their foundation too!  It really “blurs lines” - pores - imperfections (everybody get up!  Hey hey hey) and the finish is the ideal combination between dewy and matte.    

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Word To Your Motha

Mother Denim

I’m a hardcore jeans addict.  They are ALL I WEAR.  Ask anybody.  My husband actually labeled some of my wardrobe boxes in our recent move: “Car’s Ridic Jeans Collection” – quite a collection it is.  There are pairs I’ll never part with, pairs I should part with immediately, and so on and on and on.  I have been a supporter and wearer of Current/Elliott since the day they hit the market.  They’re a staple and maybe my overall favorite.  Rag & Bone is up there.  Imogene + Willie.  J. Brand is (was) up there but drops a rank or two every year it seems.  I got to thinking about my particular fav/go-to pair as of right now and without a doubt it is my skinny flares from Mother.  I’m tall ( 5’11) and have what would be considered a skinny/athletic build and for some reason this style is just perfection for me.  Mother denim feels like cashmere and this style is seriously flattering.  I love them with flats, flip flops and adore how they still work with pumps too!  The pair I have is dark blue but I’m craving a light blue/washed out pair because no matter how hard I try I’m just not into white denim.  What do you think?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Omorovicza Complexion Corrector

The CC cream – Complexion Corrector

A great product that visibly corrects your complexion and primes your face for moisturizer and make-up.  Redness is eliminated, flaws are hidden, lines are smoothed, pores are temporarily erased.  This product is super light but still ends up being hydrated.  Ideal for those with oily skin.  Your skin is left looking brighter and enhanced.  I used this product with a light By Terry complexion enhancer (moisturizer) layered on top and just a touch of foundation and was amazed at how well it covered my redness.  I spent the afternoon shopping with a girlfriend in the rain and still looked pretty light, matte and even 5 hours later!  I still prefer the radiance serum from Omorvicza but if you’re oily and not combination or you’re very red – this guy is your new BFF.  I love how easily it absorbs and primes skin and double dose of love for the SPF 20 component.