Monday, July 21, 2014

Gypsy woman

I have HIGH hopes for you:,default,pd.html?gclid=CKnR14ml178CFYMF7Aody0EARA

Product of the Year

Tom Ford Translucent Finishing Powder

I took a leap in ordering a powder (albeit a translucent one) online.  I did consult with a rep via telephone at the Tom Ford counter in Atlanta to aid in selecting my shade – “ivory fawn” first, and I have been amazed daily by how wonderful/magical/beautiful this powder is ever since it arrived last Friday.  Each particle of this super fine & light powder individually adheres to the skin creating a luxe blur that conceals imperfections and makes skin look soft and luminous.  It gives a matte finish but not a powdery one.  It sets foundation & seriously lasts all day.  I used it for my day time look yesterday with only concealer & my admittedly lately problem skin looked pretty damn good – even after an unusually tough barre class. 

I’m currently using a BB cream from YSL as my foundation (more on that later) and I love, love, love how super light and airy this combo is when worn together!  This Tom Ford product will now be with me at all times (seriously for life).  I’ll be relying on it heavily (really lightly) in Santa Barbara  for my BFF’s wedding this weekend (YAY!!!!!).  It is truly amazing! I’m using my own brush to apply it as I don’t think the one that comes with the compact is ideal for this type of powder.  You get over that the second you try this luxurious product.    
Go buy this.  Happy Monday!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Latest Loves

My new favorite outfit… (this week)

J. Brand, you’re back in my good graces, thanks to your insane midrise photo ready distressed ankle jean in blue mercy.  I think it’s safe to say ankle length jeans are the most universally flattering.  I love mine with flats, pumps or booties.  I’m definitely digging the frayed hem trend though in truth, I’ve been letting out hems on my jeans for years and keeping them cleanly frayed due to my issues finding bell or flared styles long enough for my 5’11 frame.  I’m also a total sucker for anything with distressing or holes.  Brings me back to my early high school, overly pierced, slightly goth, punk days.  My super conservative attorney hubby is so glad I grew out of that phase.  In another life…

My t-shirt of choice is from this killer (new to me) brand:

I’m seriously crushing on these vintage styled, pima cotton, incredibly cool tees that are slim fitting perfection.  They run a tiny bit small.  I took a M and it fits me like a glove (in a comfortable way) and looks AMAZING on.  I cannot wait to order more & pair them with blazers or oversize sweaters in the Fall.  These satisfy the music junkie in me with throw backs to Iggy Pop & Ice-T (holla, I’m from the ATL).  I think this will become my go-to tee for everything!


I’m thinking for dinner with friends this weekend I will pair my jeans & tee with these Jimmy Choo pumps_ *No words for Mr. Choo.  He is my shoe god.  I wear his pumps literally into the ground.

Good stuff.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Protection Naturelle

I’m loving this easily portable powder protection from Chantecaille.  It first caught my eye on the Zoe Report & I have not regretted my purchase.  I use a light dusting to add a hint of bronze to my skin in the morning & then throughout the day once or twice to freshen up.  The brush is lovely & the perfect amount of powder is dispersed with every application. 
I’m using “bronze” as my shade as opposed to the transparent and I am far from tan.  It just adds a healthy glow in a very light shade.  It contains SPF 46 which is certainly a healthy dose of protection and it wears beautifully.  No settling into pores or fine lines – ideal for on-the-go.  Killer product. 


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Mario Badescu

The following 4 products have seriously been life changing for me – I’m a little over a week into my new routine and the results are amazing.

I was in a total rut because despite spending tons of money, not to mention time and effort on products… my skin was in revolt.  I was finding that by 11:00 a.m. I was so oily that my foundation had pretty much just slid entirely off.  I have always had slightly oily skin but primer, etc. at least kept me looking decent through the work day.  Oy.  My pores were clogging, I was getting tiny little (hi, I’m 15 again!) pimples.  Rough.  I was seriously depressed.  I saw my dermatologist and consulted with a fab product rep @ Nordstrom (and a skin guru bestie) and came to two major conclusions, I was using way too much sunscreen and that I was lacking a glycolic product in my routine.  Glycolic helps with cell turnover and eliminates dead skin that can lead to clogged pores and a dull complexion. The ingredients that make SPF can cause my so called “slippage” to happen.  Really, did I need SPF moisturizer, foundation, and primer?  Nope.  Plus, we all know that 3 layers of SPF 30 doesn’t equate to SPF 90. 

I dropped my SPF moisturizer like the bad habit it was and switched to this oil controlling guy – love at first application.  The lasting oil control is amazing and while oil free – it is still exceptionally hydrating. (my foundation and touch up powder have ample SPF but more on that later!)

Finally, the real magic happened when I started using the glycolic acid toner.  This one is so light so it doesn’t strip my skin (as this would just cause me to produce even more oil) – in addition to minimizing my pores it creates the most even skin tone.  I was truly astounded by how well this toner worked on my redness, not to mention almost entirely eliminating excess oil from my T-zone.  I picked up the silver powder to use weekly to clean out my pores.  It really works as a vacuum and leaves debris filled sagging pores totally clean and nice and tight.  Plus it eliminates black heads and dullness.  I’m not one to spend money on fancy facial cleansers (a line has to be drawn somewhere) but I love this $15 Glycolic foaming cleanser – it left me with smooth, radiant, and far less red skin.  Bottom line all these products have led to a cleaner, brighter complexion and my foundation lasts (gasp) an entire work day.