Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mississippi here I come!!

Maison Weiss Oxford, Mississippi
This weekend I am heading deep South to Oxford, MS – home to Ole Miss – where I’m a proud alumni member.  Oxford has come leaps and bounds since my college days; especially in the beauty store/product category (I think Clinique was the sole non-drugstore product available there during my 4 years!!)  Check out the link below to one of my new favorite stores and you’ll see why I’m so thrilled that Oxford has finally stepped up.  This weekend is the Double Decker Arts & Music Festival – so, while I’ll mostly be doing a lot of eating at some of my favorite Southern restaurants, browsing the art at the festival, and listening to some great music (& no doubt drinking too much while doing all of this!!) -- I of course, will fit in some shopping too. J
Look for my full review on Monday!  Until then, have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tarte Lip Stain

Tarte Lipsurgence Natural Lip Stain in “Amused”
Ok, so I’m majorly “amused” by this cute little crayon that I’ve been curious about ever since seeing it mentioned in a couple magazines this Spring.  The color is gorgeous – my search for the perfect hot pink has ended!!  This lip stain is super glossy and ultra moisturizing.  The colors come in matte or glossy & the product promises to “increase your lips’ moisture content by 6000%.”  The glossy colors are more sheer and the matte colors have more pigment.  I’ve had my glossy color on for several hours and my lips are still perfectly pink, glossed and hydrated.  They’re $24.00 each  – so a little less than your typical high-end lipstick or gloss and they’re cruelty free, sulfate, and paraben free too!  No messy sharpener is needed – you simply twist the bottom of the stick when more product is needed!  I swear my lips look plumper too.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tarte – their claim to fame is (was) cheek stains & they have quite a cult following.  I’m posting a link below to the product at Sephora where you can read more about this magical little crayon. J

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Charleston Reviews & a great promotional offer!!

Charleston, SC Store Review #2 & #3
I did not find either one of the stores mentioned in this post to be overwhelmingly gracious or even interested in an out-of-towner doing a review of their store or products but, I’ll give them an honorable mention – just because!  They’re both definitely worthy of a visit if you’re in the Charleston area.  Urban Nirvana is a shabby chic store conveniently located on James Island that had what I consider to be a great assortment of gifts – jewelry, Voluspa candles (these are some of my favs that come in gorgeous little tins), body balms and creams, a wide array of upscale SPF, etc.  I walked out of there with a darling body butter wrapped very nicely for a friend & a foot softening triplet by “Get Fresh.”  (review to follow shortly) They also have a very reasonably priced service menu including: massage, body wraps, facials, lash tint, brow tint, waxing, and assorted body scrubs.  I cannot vouch for these services as I didn’t have time to fit them in but, the individuals leaving the service rooms all seemed very pleased!!  Blue Mercury is another cute store located on the fabulous King St. in downtown Charleston.  It is what they call a “corporate” store – meaning it’s filled with all high end big name brands such as NARS, Trish, Laura Mercier & Chanel.  Rarely can you find Chanel in a free standing store!!  Here’s a link to their site:
Blue Mercury appears to be a great place to pop in for refills or products when you don’t want to deal with the hassle or distraction of a department store.  It is neatly organized and the staff seemed friendly and attentive.  I’m wishing I’d bought the NARS gloss in “Angelika” that I tried on while there.  It was a sheer hot pink & I’m sure I’ll break down and buy it this week somewhere in Nashville.  I’m really loving the neon and hot pink lip trend for Spring!!  Though I’ve yet to find my perfect shade…
**Blue Mercury is running a special right now (see link to website above) – with any $50 purchase, you get a free 10 pack of the Dr. Dennis Gross alpha beta glow pads I mentioned in my 4/21/11 post.  In stores and online!!  Hurry – only while supplies last!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

High Beam

Benefit High Beam
I have talked a lot about the difficulty in achieving dewy luminescent skin if your skin type is oily or even combination – or even just not perfect!!  I love Benefit’s “High Beam” and go through phases where I pull it out all the time & phases where I kind of forget about it… it’s usually about this time a year when my skin gets a faint glow that I remember how great this product really is.  It’s fool-proof and great to dab around the eyes to add shimmer and glow, the brows to define the brow bones or the cheeks to add depth and definition.  You can also mix a drop with your usual foundation or moisturizer to perk up your look just a bit.  The shade works on all complexions and has garnered rave reviews for years from makeup artists, models, and celebrities.  Here is a link to the product @ Sephora:

Friday, April 22, 2011


Benefit Bathina
One of my husband’s favorite lines is “take a picture” – which he loves to snap at people who gawk at me.  No, I’m not some gorgeous glamazon tooting my own horn – I just happen to be one of the tallest (non - WNBA star) females on the planet (he’s shorter than me – quite a pair we are!).  I sometimes actually hit the 6’3/6’4 mark in heels and definitely feel like a circus freak (thanks Dad for that height gene).  Anywho, getting back on track… this product’s label reads “take a picture... it lasts longer” & when I use it – it always makes me giggle. Bathina is a super silky body balm that comes in a cute little tin with a fabulous powder-puff sponge applicator.  I like to smooth a bit down my shins and lower thighs when I’m dressed in skirts and shorts in the Summer.  It has a hint of shimmer and really has a slimming effect.  It’s lovely on the collar bone and shoulders/arms too!!  It also smells delicious!  Quite luxurious – I know you’ll love it.  It seriously creates runway ready legs (& not just for the ultra-tall)!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dr. Dennis Gross -- Alpha Beta Glow Pads

Alpha Beta Glow Pads

I've been on the hunt for some alpha beta pads to add to my skin care regime and was having a hard time pulling the trigger on a particular brand -- mostly because they're all so pricey!!  This morning, I made my decision.  I'm posting this without actually reviewing it first but, one of my equally product obsessed BFFs (who has what I consider to be perfect/poreless skin) is willing to vouch for it!  I cannot wait to try this!!  Anti-aging, plus vitamin D, odorless, streak free, paraben & sulfate free... & it creates a natural glow!!  Not to mention, it helps existing sun damage, tightens pores, & eliminates blackheads.  I mean, what's not to love??  Sold @ Sephora or click the link below to order now:

Gin, you might have just made my Summer!!!  High hopes for this one...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Charleston, SC Store Review #1

Stella Nova, Charleston, SC
I had the pleasure of visiting one of my all time favorite cities last weekend and as promised made time to do a few beauty store reviews while there!  (how rough, right?? haha!) Top/favorite on my list would have to be Stella Nova located downtown on the charming King St.  I met with Stella’s owner/manager, Laran D’ Eustachio, she was bubbly, knowledgeable & willing to hook me up with all kinds of samples to review & test for you (she also had a bronzed & flawless face, BTW)!! Laran told me a lot about a new SPF line they’re carrying called Luca that she was very excited about promoting.  I’ll definitely be trying it later this Spring when I’m out of my ROC.  Stella Nova is an adorable little nook packed to the gills with all kinds of products and a complete salon in the back.  Check out the link to their website below for more detailed information.  I’m also adding a couple of pics I snapped while passing through.

My fabulous goodie bag from Laran included: Oribe “Shampoo & Conditioner for Beautiful Color”, Natura Bisse’s “rb ceutical” (intensive tolerance booster/repair serum), “essential shock gel cream” (intensive firming), “diamond extreme” (anti-aging bio-regenerative cream), & “oxygen cream” (infuses skin with oxygen and improves clarity/purifies), Beauty Treats “green tea facial mask” (vitamins C, E + chamomile – helps skin texture, soothes, and moisturizes), Wella Professional “brilliance treatment” (for course, colored hair with no sulfate or paraben), Geo F. Trumper’s “violet & original” shaving creams & last but not least a couple Jack Black products for my hubby – who will be forced to use them and review – though he could really care less. J  I have tried Natura Bisse products before & loved them so I am looking forward to testing a few more – same with Wella!  Though I’m super enthused mostly because much of the rest of my goodie bag was filled with new ones for me!!
Oh, also a precious little mini soy candle by Er’go that I burned in my bedroom the night I got home!!  Yummy – my scent was “morning hibiscus!!”
So, over the next couple weeks I will be working these new products into my daily routine & posting  reviews!!  To be continued…

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Drugstore Mascara (You know you want to read this!!!)

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara in Blackest Black
I bought this on a whim because I love what Jessica Biel’s eyes/lashes look like in the most recent Revlon commercials (computer enhanced, no doubt!).  To be honest, I’m not a drugstore makeup kind of gal (obviously, from this blog) but, I will on occasion try a drugstore mascara – just for fun.  This one is actually pretty good.  It has a nice chubby wand that did indeed make my lashes look fairly “lush” – hence the name!  For less than $6 – I’m going to give this puppy a good review. It reminds me a little bit of DiorShow mascara – which I like, don’t love.  My lashes looked voluminous and the formula did not clump at all.  Supposedly it has a lash enhancing formula that will improve and hydrate lashes with each use.  Do I believe this?  Not really… but will I use the whole tube?  For sure!!
Here’s a link to the product on Amazon & Revlon’s websites or, pop into any Walgreens, CVS, etc.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Heading to sunny Charleston, SC…

Tomorrow I will be heading to fabulous Charleston, SC to spend an extended weekend visiting one of my very best friends, relaxing on the beach, dining @ delicious restaurants, and of course shopping & checking out Charleston’s array of cosmetic/product stores and spas!  Two on the definite list:  Urban Nirvana & Stella Nova.  Maybe I’ll even make time to fit in a massage!!  Look out for pictures, reviews, and new product info. when I return from my trip on Tues.  Until then… check out the store websites below.  I'm excited!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The seafoam green color is actually gilded lilly not kiwi -- as mentioned in my earlier post!  My brain is boggled with beauty products!!  :)

An Eye Shadow Palette -- handpicked by yours truly...

My Personal Spring & Summer Eye shadow Palette
Of course, by Trish!  Note – all these gorgeous colors I accentuate with my Trish intense eyeliner pencil and my Trish 24-hour shadow liner in Topaz.  So, here’s my palette: (which I snapped for you while getting ready this morning).  It is composed of both shimmering and matte shades and all help create the most gorgeous smoky eye – for day or night!

My colors are deluxe champagne (which I use as a base or highlighter, heather (matte – for the crease), rose quartz (also good for the crease and gorgeous layered w/ the topaz 24-hour liner – more dramatic this way for night), delicate pink (matte, I use as a base), deep aubergine (this is a definer or liner), gilded taupe, (which is a shimmery darker definer and sadly not available right now L), and kiwi (an iced seafoam green which I use to brighten & highlight the inner corners of my eye).
I use Trish’s eye base as my primer to anchor the shadow to my lids.
Here’s a link to Trish’s website.
Or, try the Trish counter @ Private Edition if you’re in Nashville.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Trish's Portable Foundation

My Spring & Summer Eyeshadow Palette & New Foundation
I indulged a bit this weekend and took part in Private Edition’s Anniversary Celebration  -- I stocked up on some essentials and of course, tried a couple new things too, so I could report to you!!
I got a makeover by my new friend, Anthony, & I am so sad he’s not in Nashville all the time.  But, he’s not too far… Ladies in the Perimeter mall area of ATL. – hit him up @ Nordstrom’s Trish counter – he will not disappoint!!  J
Anthony used Trish McEvoy’s Portable Foundation on me in shade 2 -- & OMG!!  Finally – the perfect match for my skin!!  It’s creamy and smooth and can be applied with fingers, a brush, or a sponge.  We used a brush.  This foundation is mistake-proof, oil free, and long lasting. Anthony applied this @ 4:30 on Sat. & when my dinner guests left my home @ 11:00 pm that night my skin still looked even-toned and gorgeous!!  The formula is cream-to-powder – the consistency is perfect and I really feel like my endless quest for the perfect foundation/shade may have finally come to a close. J  We warmed it up with bronzer (I use Trish’s Dual Resort and a bit of blush on the apples of cheeks).  For the best part, the eyes, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow… until then… Happy Monday!  Here is a link to the Trish website – or, if you’re in Nashville – visit Private Edition.

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Truly Essential Pencil

Trish McEvoy Essential Pencil (In “Model’s Choice” – of course!!)
Ok, there is a reason this pencil is called “model’s choice” – as I suddenly have full, pouty, model looking lips!  I will admit the first time I tried this I didn’t like it and so it slowly made its way to the bottom of my makeup bag (or makeup vat I should say) – haha!  This pencil is non-drying and really nicely pigmented – the color is a nude/natural pink with a hint of coral (the nice kind of coral).  The pencil can be used on cheeks too – though I wasn’t brave enough for that this morning!!  I lightly lined my lips with the pencil and filled them in ever so slightly then added my Sara Happ Lip Slip on top!!  It is such a gorgeous combo!!  My new fav for Spring!!  I’m actually ¾ of the way through my macchiato and the color/gloss in still fully entact.  I will say I think it takes both products to acheive these fabulous results!  Try it -- you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Creme Eye Colour

Laura Mercier Crème Eye Colour
My favorite shade is "rose gold."  This is perfect to layer with eyeshadow or to swipe on alone for a hint of daytime shimmer.  It has uber-staying power and is pigmented so perfectly that no eye base or lid primer is required.  I get compliments on it all the time and cannot wait to try another shade.  This formula is waterproof (but easy to remove with a little soap or makeup remover), light-weight, and non-greasy.  No creasing.  No fading.  Super blendable. 
If you’re in Nashville, visit the Mercier counter @ Private Edition or Sephora in the Green Hills Mall.  To order online click on the link above!  Thank me later!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Next up on my hit-list…

I’m dying to try Kerastase Chroma Balm.  I have loved all Kerastase products I’ve tried in the past and am always interested in products that protect hair color.  Check out this link below.
I’m always looking for products that claim to sooth irritated red skin – to date, I’ve been thoroughly unimpressed but, I’ll keep trying!!  Next up in the redness relief category for me: Philosophy Keep the Peace Super Serum.
I love the look of a nude lip but often feel that if you’re not J. Lo or a Kardashian the look can really wash you out.  But again, I’m not giving up yet and I intend to try NARS lipstick in Belle de Jour or Little Darling this Spring or Summer.
As you know, I’m a big fan of Laura Mercier and I cannot wait to try her new Baked Eye Colour in all 4 shades.  (Pink Petal, Black Karat, Teracotta, & Lagoon) Check the specifics out @ this link:
In Nashville you can find Mercier @ Private Edition or Belk in Cool Springs.  The Cosmetic Market(s) carry Nars and Philosophy.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Chanel Pro Lumiere + a neat little trick/tip!!

Chanel Pro Lumiere + a neat little trick/tip!!
I always find this time of year is tough to match your foundation to your skin – you want a little more glow and bronze than your winter foundation provides but you don’t want to look like an oompa-loompa.  Moreover, I feel like my skin tone is hard to match any time of year because it has so much red in it.  I recently switched from Armani foundation (which I’ve reviewed and adored for awhile) to Chanel (mostly because I felt like Chanel had a color that suited my skin better for Spring).  Or so I thought…
I realized after seeing a recent photo of myself – it was still a bit too dark on my face for this time of year – even with a generous application of self tanner on the rest of me (Jergens, yes, I use the cheap stuff).
Anywho, I was discussing this seasonal predicament with a Bestie and she suggested mixing the Chanel with the Mercier illuminating tinted moisturizer (see 3/29/11 post) & voila!!  Perfect color that looks slightly sun-kissed but not over the top.  The Mercier product is very sheer and light (hence the name "illuminating") & I’ll probably be mixing a bit of it with all my foundations from this point on…
I literally squeezed a bit of each product into one of my clean palms and swirled/mixed it with my finger.  You could use a brush too, of course!  I applied it with my fingers and a fresh sponge for extra blending power!
The Chanel Pro Lumiere is great.  It’s long lasting and spreads evenly with a very professional finish that’s not too heavy.  It’s oil free & has SPF 15.  I feel like if you’re oily, the Armani (see my 3/17/11 post) is probably still your best bet but, this is definitely an excellent product that allows you to build coverage and gives you a “semi-matte” look which I think is the best look for Spring.  Hello??  Chanel?? As if anything they did would ever be a letdown. J
You can buy Chanel @ Macy’s in Green Hills if you’re in Nashville & I believe Dillard’s too.  The Mercier is sold @ Private Edition.  Here is a link to the Chanel @ Neiman Marcus online.

Friday, April 1, 2011


USmooth Flat iron
I’ve been using a Chi for almost as long as I can remember.   I was amazed when my salon, Fruition, got these USmooth irons in and started using them on clients.  This puppy heats to 400 degrees in maybe 15 seconds flat.  It can handle substantial portions of hair and smoothes and straightens perfectly.  It’s truly a dream.  It’s super light weight and easy to operate for both traditional straight styles and ones with a little wave or curl.  It glosses and shines thanks to its digital thermostat control and high quality ceramic plates. This flat iron maintains hair structure and fights moisture loss.  Full and mini sizes available.
Order yours online: or stop by Fruition on Belmont if you’re in Nashville --