Monday, January 26, 2015

Lunatic Fringe

Do you ever happen upon something and just know you have to have it (it happens to me way too often & I’m resolving to be better about it in 2015)… but sometimes an item just stops you in your tracks… be it home décor, a bag, a blouse, jewelry, a piece of art, a lip gloss… Sometimes you pine for it and never obtain it, sometimes you splurge, sometimes you receive it as a gift after you beg your hubby… and sometimes you forget about it just as quickly & know it wasn’t meant to be.

Anyhoo, I’m having one of those moments (the craving stage) with this Marni fringed crossbody:




Can’t. Stop. Thinking. About. It.  We’ll see what happens?! 

Mamas, words of wisdom.  Don’t buy a bag that cannot be worn as a crossbody (at least while your kids are in the diaper & “carry me” stage).  You might think you want a tote but then you’re schlepping a diaper bag & a tote.  It’s too much.  Even worse do not for one instant think you can carry a top handle bag or one that requires being carried in the oh-so-chic crook of your arm while lugging your 30 lb. child.  Just don’t.  Invest in crossbody bags.,default,pd.html?gclid=CJvN7amRqMMCFUEA7Aodt0IA4w

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Holy Grail

The Row Classic Tee
As a tee shirt connoisseur it was only a matter of time before I took the plunge and bought one from The Row.  I scored mine on a slight sale but would 100% pay full price as it’s pretty much the most perfect tee shirt  in the universe.  I’m anxious to see how it dry cleans as I don’t trust myself to hand wash it.  Their tees are basically silk (aka viscose) which creates the most beautiful figure flattering drape and the scoop neckline on mine truly is spot on in terms of revealing only the slightest hint of décolleté.  I was lacking a basic white/cream and that’s the color I chose. The sleeves are the best length for those of us with longer arms and they do not cling at all.  The fabric has just a slight touch of sheerness and sheen.  Obsessed.  There’s a reason these two gals were named CFDA designers of the year (2012).  Truly a wardrobe staple – beautiful dressed up or down & even office appropriate. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

new year, new edit

In 2015 I’m going to work on being grateful for what I have every single day.  I’m entering the New Year with the mantra… “peaceful, content & happy.”

I’m going to try my very very best to spend less and save more.  I’m going to do much of this by stepping up my yoga practice and maybe even trying a meditation workshop, I’m going to read more books, work harder on my blog and spend less time aimlessly scrolling the internet.  I already cherish every moment with my little man but after he turned 2 this past month I thought about how fleeting life really is… I want to soak up every minute of life with him and be present 100% in the time that we’re together. 

When it comes to fashion, I’m going to go for a carefully curated wardrobe of quality pieces that will work for years to come.  Less is more.  I will select fewer pieces, pieces that are neutral, easy to mix & match, and impeccably crafted.  I will not impulse buy.  Just because it’s 70% off and Celine doesn’t mean it’s a smart purchase or a cute one.

So here goes… I wear flats every day.  I usually buy Tory Burch and literally wear them until they have holes in the soles – great, I wear them out.  Issue is, I wear them out after like 6 months.  I buy 5 or 6 pairs at 200 a pop and in the end I’ve dropped over a grand on shoes I’ve ruined.  This year I will wear these:



The immediate and likely most impacting difference in these and my prior trusty TB flats is the wooden sole.  They are way more sturdy and structured.  They also have a hidden slight wedge which is super flattering.  They did take several weeks to break in.  I’m not buying another pair until 2016. Seriously.

I will continue to constantly buy and wear t-shirts.  They’re my signature.  I’ve worn t-shirts under the same 3 year old Helmut Lang blazer pretty much every weekend of the last few years.  That blazer was a smart investment.  Earlier this year I scooped up another Helmut blazer and I know I’ll be wearing it for years to come.  Smart.  This look works for literally every occasion – it requires little to no thought and can be dressed up with accessories.  I wear it out – pun intended!  My current fav tees are Monrow: 


 Something about the deep v, the sleeves, and the length is just perfection. 

Jeans are my real weakness but, I wear them every. single. day.  I’ve already improved on my mass buying jean addiction by limiting black jeans, jeans with holes, etc.  Can you believe I never once, not once, bought a pair of patterned jeans??  My current obsession:


I adore that whole vintage Levi’s/Wynona Ryder in Reality Bites denim look and I cannot wait for my first pair of Re/Dun jeans to arrive!  Plus, they’re nice and light – I see them as my summer jean since I also don’t do white denim.  I just don’t.

I wear denim shorts in the Summer – those are the only shorts I wear (it just gets weird at age 35, right?) and I’m proud to say I rarely buy them & tend to just wear the same ones over and over from year to year.  I don’t live in LA or NYC so I cannot really wear them out at night and I obvi don’t wear them to work so, their use to me is limited and thus I don’t go so crazy for them. I did buy this One Teaspoon pair on sale a few months ago and they’ll get me through the Summer.

 I did make a major splurge on a shoe I’ve wanted in my closet for probably 5 years… a shoe that’s never on sale and a shoe so versatile it’s really all you need:

The heel isn’t so high and they’re just absolutely to die for.  I broke my foot over NYE and I kid you not, I take them out of the box and just look at them every so often.



Last, the button down blouse.  I wear these to work, I wear them for leisure & I wear them out at night.  My favorites are Rails, Equipment and Frank & Eileen.  I went way overboard on the plaid in 2014 – If I buy a button down this year it will be a pretty spring floral or a pretty silk nude/beige/rose.  These blouses work in the South indoors in the summer but not outside bc of the humidity factor.  Obvi a white button down will always be timeless and chic and how cute is this cheap one from Urban Outfitters??


tata & terry

Hi guys, due to technical issues – it seems my first post of 2015 disappeared… working on restoring that now! 

Until then… Let’s review two super simple products that have quickly worked their way into my daily routine. 

Tata Harper’s “Be Adored” tinted lip treatment – 100% natural and non toxic (thank god bc my child eats lip balm) – this gloss/balm hybrid delivers the perfect wash of sheer natural looking color while keeping lips moisturized for hours.  I’m finding that because I’m so pale I need a little pop of color on my lips so as to not look completely washed out.  I just cannot pull off the nude lip look, I look like a corpse.  So here’s to looking healthy & perfectly flushed with this yummy Tata Harper treatment!  Added plus, this little treatment plumps and reduces the appearance of lines. 


By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Ombre Mercure – I love this smudgy soft crayon worn as a shadow or to blur an imperfect line from an eyeliner pencil.  You can line the eye in black, then smudge this on top to create a pretty gray color.  You can highlight the brow bones, the top of the lips, or the inner corner of the eyes.  The possibilities are endless and this guy has quickly become when of my new favorite products.  The blackstar crayons are one of my all-time favorites from By Terry’s line.  They’re so smooth & dewy on the lid and stay put all day.  This particular color is just gorgeous and I find myself grabbing this shadow stick constantly.