Wednesday, November 12, 2014

On being a Mom... Oh & turning 35...

It occurred to me the other day on the playground with my baby that when it comes to looks – I’m really one extreme to the next.  Now, as you know, I’m always in jeans but, on the weekends, unless I’m going out to dinner or over to a friend’s house, I’m wearing yoga leggings of some sort, a sports bra, and a tank with various top layers depending on the temperature.  I wear 0 makeup & when I say 0, I mean, I don’t even wash my face.  I found myself scoffing at another Mom who was in a more coordinated form of my outfit but with full makeup and freshly blownout hair waving in the breeze.  She was probably scoffing at me & thinking, “geez, just use a swipe of concealer.”  You know what, she’s right.  I’ve gotten pretty damn lazy.  I’m going to be 35 on Sat., I have a closet full of gorgeous clothes & I’m literally sitting at the playground in a shirt from 1990, yoga pants I’ve worn 2 days in a row, and last night’s black eyeliner.  Pathetic. 


I’ve decided A) I’m going to wash my face pre playground on the weekends and at the least even out my far from perfect skin tone with some BB cream and B) (if I have time & am not literally just before or after an actual yoga or barre class) maybe throw on a pair of jeans with a button down or sweater.


In regard to stylish leisure/active wear - for my birthday I bought myself something that I have always wanted.  I am well aware some would argue this trend has come and gone but I would argue in return when it is by Isabel Marant, it will always be relevant and in fashion.  I found these uber covetable wedge trainers on sale (65% off) on the Outnet and just couldn’t pass them up. The Bluebel style is the most paired down of all Marant’s trainers.  The hidden wedge is less than 3 inches & the details are subtle.  The beige works well for all seasons.  They feel like slippers and look super chic with a hint of ankle showing when worn with skinny jeans or worn with leggings and a sweatshirt.  I know I will live in them for many many months.  Watch out playground Moms, I’m bringing fetching back!
Here’s a snap of me at the playground with my munchkin last week – mind you this really was before my Sunday barre class (hence my outfit) but, I washed my face, put on some tinted moisturizer & I swear it did wonders for my mood & self confidence.

On Sat. I’m getting my makeup done courtesy of Edward Bess, a line I’ve heard wonderful things about, but never tried.  I’m excited to show you my birthday look & share some reviews about the Bess products next week!  This makeover will take place at that one & only HYDE salon – can’t say enough good things about my friends there!  XO

Friday, November 7, 2014

Wrapping up the week...

Ok, first, sorry I’ve been MIA this week.  I’m apparently the only one in my household affected by the time change. 

Let’s start with some snaps from Halloween.  I regret not being Elsa because my not quite 2 year old son just really loves princess types and my black swan scared him a bit.  He was a bat, cutest one I’ve ever seen.



I’ve ended up full on loving the MAC primer from last week.  Also, my Glossier balm arrived & I’m obsessed.  Simple, effective, perfection in a tube you can make your own with adorable stickers! 


Did you know that my secret weapon are Hanes brand men’s undershirts?  The white is a classic go-to and I’m lately loving the “soft comfort” version in black and heather gray.  They look hip with a contrasting color bra worn solo for date nights or under a fitted blazer, cute over sports bras for workouts and perfectly polished under sweaters or even a button up worn open as seen below on me at the office today.  They're long and allow for nice ruching and have good coverage so the tatas aren’t on display – but the shoulder shape when worn solo gives kind of a sexy athletic look.  I order them in bulk and relied on them heavily throughout my pregnancy too.  I wear a M and usually order them on Amazon or grab a 3 pack at Target.