Friday, April 19, 2013

My Armani Mania

Armani’s sheer bronzer (1) is the most perfect bronzer EVER.  I just bought my 2nd compact.  I’m almost at a loss for words because it’s honestly just perfection.  The lightest dusting of the color would work on even the palest skin while layers of this sheer gorgeousness would be equally as lovely and wearable on the darkest of complexions.  The micro fine formula can be used to contour or highlight.  The color goes on smooth, even and blends seamlessly.  The tiniest hint of shimmer (this usually scares me) just adds to the light, luminous effect this powder has on the skin.  Do yourself a favor and buy this STAT.  I swear you will instantly feel better about yourself.  It just might be the one product I could never live without.  

Armani Gloss d’armani (pink 514)

I’m so in love with the little guy below that, since he came into my life mid December, I’ve had to completely stop wearing colored lip gloss, because it is physically impossible for me to not kiss his head a million times a day.  

I’ve relied heavily on Sara Happ’s lip slip and Smith’s rosebud salve – lately I’m into Armani’s gloss in the light translucent pinky beige shimmer that is No. 514.  Armani’s glosses smell and feel fantastic – they’re soothing and look natural and glamorous all at the same time.  The best part, pucker up, because all this gloss leaves behind is the tiniest hint of shimmer and not a drop of stickiness.  There are at least a half dozen other translucent pink shimmers in the 500s that are just as fabulous. So fabulous for spring and summer with slightly bronzed skin and a smokey eye.

Eyes To Kill stretch lengthening mascara

Extremely lengthened and amplified lashes with no clumping even after 10 + swipes, I swear.  This formula is super easy to apply thanks to the chubby perfectly shaped wand which feathers, curves and elongates your fringe in seconds.  

Go blow some cash at an Armani counter this weekend and thank me on Monday! XOXO

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