Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Another day… another shadow stick…

Trish McEvoy 24 Hour Shadow & Eyeliner in Smokey Quartz

I’m obsessed.  Shadow sticks are just so easy, so blendable, and can create the most effortless smokey eye in 2 minutes or less.  This shade has been out of stock everywhere forever.  I finally had Nordstrom Nashville ship it to me from Nordstrom Austin.  Trish’s shadow sticks are my true favs as they really do last forever without ever creasing.  Smokey Quartz is a rose gold shade and I’m really into mixing it with my gray/silver/charcoal shadows and pencils.  I have used the Topaz stick in the past and it’s one of the few items in my makeup bag(s) that I actually completely used up.  Absolutely gorgeous and totally error proof!!

I blend and mix and match with these guys:

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