Thursday, August 8, 2013

Word To Your Motha

Mother Denim

I’m a hardcore jeans addict.  They are ALL I WEAR.  Ask anybody.  My husband actually labeled some of my wardrobe boxes in our recent move: “Car’s Ridic Jeans Collection” – quite a collection it is.  There are pairs I’ll never part with, pairs I should part with immediately, and so on and on and on.  I have been a supporter and wearer of Current/Elliott since the day they hit the market.  They’re a staple and maybe my overall favorite.  Rag & Bone is up there.  Imogene + Willie.  J. Brand is (was) up there but drops a rank or two every year it seems.  I got to thinking about my particular fav/go-to pair as of right now and without a doubt it is my skinny flares from Mother.  I’m tall ( 5’11) and have what would be considered a skinny/athletic build and for some reason this style is just perfection for me.  Mother denim feels like cashmere and this style is seriously flattering.  I love them with flats, flip flops and adore how they still work with pumps too!  The pair I have is dark blue but I’m craving a light blue/washed out pair because no matter how hard I try I’m just not into white denim.  What do you think?

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