Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Primers -- sigh...

I swear I think I’ve tried every primer on the market… I get really excited about them at first & then within a few days usually end up realizing – on my skin – they’re all pretty mediocre.  I rank Smashbox in the top tier of primers and have always wanted to try Cle de Peau’s priming products.  However, I made a knee jerk decision to try a MAC primer when I happened to pass the store in the mall the other day instead of having to leave the mall and go somewhere else or wait for a primer I ordered online.  I hate being in the mall, my child was with me, and so I just ended up grabbing a primer, this one:


& I hated it.  It left streaks, was too drying, and made my lovely YSL foundation streak.  It was $22, I should have known it was too good to be true.  But, that being said, I didn’t love Tom Ford’s uber pricey primer either (sorry Tom, I love all your other creations!).  I took the $22 primer back to the mall (ugh) & justified trying another slightly more expensive MAC primer because MAC is stage/ professional makeup of sorts and with all that heavy lighting, primer is a must, right?  Also, let's face it, I'm running low on options.  I ended up with this guy:


I’m about 5 days in & I do like it – I think I like it a lot, maybe??  It looks pretty damn sensational and smooth when I leave my house in the morning or at night before dinner but 3 hours later I’m oily again.  The general public seems to love this primer so I’m giving it some more time… The consistency is nice and it leaves a faint glow that looks healthy & youthful.  I have no qualms with a dewy look but that is a slippery slope (pun intended) and best left to those with close to perfect skin.  My skin is good but not great – grass is always greener, right?  Thank goodness for setting powder! What’s your favorite primer??


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