Monday, January 19, 2015

new year, new edit

In 2015 I’m going to work on being grateful for what I have every single day.  I’m entering the New Year with the mantra… “peaceful, content & happy.”

I’m going to try my very very best to spend less and save more.  I’m going to do much of this by stepping up my yoga practice and maybe even trying a meditation workshop, I’m going to read more books, work harder on my blog and spend less time aimlessly scrolling the internet.  I already cherish every moment with my little man but after he turned 2 this past month I thought about how fleeting life really is… I want to soak up every minute of life with him and be present 100% in the time that we’re together. 

When it comes to fashion, I’m going to go for a carefully curated wardrobe of quality pieces that will work for years to come.  Less is more.  I will select fewer pieces, pieces that are neutral, easy to mix & match, and impeccably crafted.  I will not impulse buy.  Just because it’s 70% off and Celine doesn’t mean it’s a smart purchase or a cute one.

So here goes… I wear flats every day.  I usually buy Tory Burch and literally wear them until they have holes in the soles – great, I wear them out.  Issue is, I wear them out after like 6 months.  I buy 5 or 6 pairs at 200 a pop and in the end I’ve dropped over a grand on shoes I’ve ruined.  This year I will wear these:



The immediate and likely most impacting difference in these and my prior trusty TB flats is the wooden sole.  They are way more sturdy and structured.  They also have a hidden slight wedge which is super flattering.  They did take several weeks to break in.  I’m not buying another pair until 2016. Seriously.

I will continue to constantly buy and wear t-shirts.  They’re my signature.  I’ve worn t-shirts under the same 3 year old Helmut Lang blazer pretty much every weekend of the last few years.  That blazer was a smart investment.  Earlier this year I scooped up another Helmut blazer and I know I’ll be wearing it for years to come.  Smart.  This look works for literally every occasion – it requires little to no thought and can be dressed up with accessories.  I wear it out – pun intended!  My current fav tees are Monrow: 


 Something about the deep v, the sleeves, and the length is just perfection. 

Jeans are my real weakness but, I wear them every. single. day.  I’ve already improved on my mass buying jean addiction by limiting black jeans, jeans with holes, etc.  Can you believe I never once, not once, bought a pair of patterned jeans??  My current obsession:


I adore that whole vintage Levi’s/Wynona Ryder in Reality Bites denim look and I cannot wait for my first pair of Re/Dun jeans to arrive!  Plus, they’re nice and light – I see them as my summer jean since I also don’t do white denim.  I just don’t.

I wear denim shorts in the Summer – those are the only shorts I wear (it just gets weird at age 35, right?) and I’m proud to say I rarely buy them & tend to just wear the same ones over and over from year to year.  I don’t live in LA or NYC so I cannot really wear them out at night and I obvi don’t wear them to work so, their use to me is limited and thus I don’t go so crazy for them. I did buy this One Teaspoon pair on sale a few months ago and they’ll get me through the Summer.

 I did make a major splurge on a shoe I’ve wanted in my closet for probably 5 years… a shoe that’s never on sale and a shoe so versatile it’s really all you need:

The heel isn’t so high and they’re just absolutely to die for.  I broke my foot over NYE and I kid you not, I take them out of the box and just look at them every so often.



Last, the button down blouse.  I wear these to work, I wear them for leisure & I wear them out at night.  My favorites are Rails, Equipment and Frank & Eileen.  I went way overboard on the plaid in 2014 – If I buy a button down this year it will be a pretty spring floral or a pretty silk nude/beige/rose.  These blouses work in the South indoors in the summer but not outside bc of the humidity factor.  Obvi a white button down will always be timeless and chic and how cute is this cheap one from Urban Outfitters??


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