Friday, October 9, 2015

That AHA Moment

It’s true, as we age our skin completely changes.  I actually have dry skin.  I spent years cursing my oiliness & fretting over it and now like I’ve been smacked in the face, I see that my skin has totally changed.  Maybe it is my age (approaching 36) or the fact that I’ve had a baby (hormones are such a bitch) – whatever the reason, my whole routine has had to slowly change too.

I blogged a week or so ago about getting a 1) Clarisonic, truly life changing.  I swear I’ve not had one clogged pore and my skin is smoother and SOFTER than it’s ever been.  I think I’m totally done with foundation.  I feel like it instantly ages me and it lasts no longer on me than a fluid tint, BB cream, or tinted moisturizer. I see now, after spending a fortune throughout my adult life on products and care, that my skin is pretty good.  I’m sensitive and reddish but things could be SOOO much worse.  My current favorites are 2) Edward Bess and Revision.

3) Luminizer is easy and the effect is really pretty when done lightly – especially in pictures.  I’m using one by Trish McEvoy and it is amazing how quickly it brightens and lightens the area under the eyes, bridge of nose (tricky for me bc my nose is not delicate (i.e. it’s big)) and the cupid’s bow. 

4) Blush, in a gel or cream form, is super easy to apply IF you have the right brush & instantly you look perkier, more awake, and brighter.  I am using a liquid blush and brush by Trish. 

This might sound like a lot of stuff but each amount is so small and because all the formulas are so sheer, light, and easy to work with that you can knock out this entire look in 5 mins.  The result is really plumped, smooth, glowy, and I’ll admit it, radiant skin.

*Look for follow up with product details next week!  Until then TGIF.


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