Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dry Shampoos…

Bumble & Bumble Dryspun Finish Thickening Spray

I’m wanting to love this spray as a dry shampoo but I’m just not quite there yet.  I am one of those people who washes their hair only once, maybe twice a week but, lately I’m noticing a little more oil buildup than usual.  Age?  Hormones?  Who knows?  In any event, I’ve been looking for a simple fix to eliminate the grease, re-fresh, and add a tiny bit of volume.  My hair isn’t fine and it isn’t limp but it’s so heavy that it can fall very, very flat.  

I tried Oribe’s Maximista and while smelling heavenly, it did nothing for me.  I was hoping to add piecey texture, think 90s Seattle grunge music scene.  This did not occur.  

The Bumble smells delicious too & is totally translucent and I think if I can master exactly how far to spray it from my head, I might love it…

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