Friday, October 11, 2013

Pure Bliss

Bliss Vanilla + Bergamot Body Butter

As a Mama to a 10 month old I’ve come cherish the teeny tiny amount of “me” time I get at the end of each day.  Mind you, for me the real “bliss” is the time that I get with my little man every day.  I’m actually surrounded by men in my household and when they’ve all been hugged and fed and settled for the night & the kitchen is cleaned and my endless daily chores are done (for the moment), I light a candle in my bedroom, enjoy my shower, and go through my little nightly routine alone in the peace and quiet.  

I used to be religious about applying body lotion before bed and in the last year or so I’ve gotten out of the habit and I can really and truly see a difference in my skin.  So, I bought myself a new body lotion that lives in the drawer on my nightstand… when I get in bed to read or watch tv, (or admittedly just stare into space) I coat my arms, legs, stomach, etc. with this yummy lotion from Bliss.  It smells unbelievably lovely in a perfectly subtle way (though vanilla and bergamot is the scent – it reminds me of the beach) and it leaves my skin soft and smooth. There is a hint of amber and musk in the scent which is especially nice this time of year! Bliss’ butters are paraben free and improve the texture of your skin with repeated use.  As Bliss claims, this butter puts the thrilla back in vanilla.

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