Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Latest Loves

My new favorite outfit… (this week)

J. Brand, you’re back in my good graces, thanks to your insane midrise photo ready distressed ankle jean in blue mercy.  I think it’s safe to say ankle length jeans are the most universally flattering.  I love mine with flats, pumps or booties.  I’m definitely digging the frayed hem trend though in truth, I’ve been letting out hems on my jeans for years and keeping them cleanly frayed due to my issues finding bell or flared styles long enough for my 5’11 frame.  I’m also a total sucker for anything with distressing or holes.  Brings me back to my early high school, overly pierced, slightly goth, punk days.  My super conservative attorney hubby is so glad I grew out of that phase.  In another life…

My t-shirt of choice is from this killer (new to me) brand:

I’m seriously crushing on these vintage styled, pima cotton, incredibly cool tees that are slim fitting perfection.  They run a tiny bit small.  I took a M and it fits me like a glove (in a comfortable way) and looks AMAZING on.  I cannot wait to order more & pair them with blazers or oversize sweaters in the Fall.  These satisfy the music junkie in me with throw backs to Iggy Pop & Ice-T (holla, I’m from the ATL).  I think this will become my go-to tee for everything!


I’m thinking for dinner with friends this weekend I will pair my jeans & tee with these Jimmy Choo pumps_ *No words for Mr. Choo.  He is my shoe god.  I wear his pumps literally into the ground.

Good stuff.

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