Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Mario Badescu

The following 4 products have seriously been life changing for me – I’m a little over a week into my new routine and the results are amazing.

I was in a total rut because despite spending tons of money, not to mention time and effort on products… my skin was in revolt.  I was finding that by 11:00 a.m. I was so oily that my foundation had pretty much just slid entirely off.  I have always had slightly oily skin but primer, etc. at least kept me looking decent through the work day.  Oy.  My pores were clogging, I was getting tiny little (hi, I’m 15 again!) pimples.  Rough.  I was seriously depressed.  I saw my dermatologist and consulted with a fab product rep @ Nordstrom (and a skin guru bestie) and came to two major conclusions, I was using way too much sunscreen and that I was lacking a glycolic product in my routine.  Glycolic helps with cell turnover and eliminates dead skin that can lead to clogged pores and a dull complexion. The ingredients that make SPF can cause my so called “slippage” to happen.  Really, did I need SPF moisturizer, foundation, and primer?  Nope.  Plus, we all know that 3 layers of SPF 30 doesn’t equate to SPF 90. 

I dropped my SPF moisturizer like the bad habit it was and switched to this oil controlling guy – love at first application.  The lasting oil control is amazing and while oil free – it is still exceptionally hydrating. (my foundation and touch up powder have ample SPF but more on that later!)

Finally, the real magic happened when I started using the glycolic acid toner.  This one is so light so it doesn’t strip my skin (as this would just cause me to produce even more oil) – in addition to minimizing my pores it creates the most even skin tone.  I was truly astounded by how well this toner worked on my redness, not to mention almost entirely eliminating excess oil from my T-zone.  I picked up the silver powder to use weekly to clean out my pores.  It really works as a vacuum and leaves debris filled sagging pores totally clean and nice and tight.  Plus it eliminates black heads and dullness.  I’m not one to spend money on fancy facial cleansers (a line has to be drawn somewhere) but I love this $15 Glycolic foaming cleanser – it left me with smooth, radiant, and far less red skin.  Bottom line all these products have led to a cleaner, brighter complexion and my foundation lasts (gasp) an entire work day. 

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