Friday, November 18, 2016

Guess who's back (in the MF) house??

I'm back from hiatus with a fun announcement to share before the holiday next week.

I also plan to resume regular monthly blogging immediately -- thanks for waiting patiently followers & old friends... and to those who jumped ship, good riddance.  JK, please come back!!

So lately... I'm loving all things YSL.

The Neutralizer
A touch of this in violet under the eyes instantly adds light and a pretty luminescence. (sidebar: it also color corrects).  I'm obsessed with the violet -- like a highlighter but better, it lights you up immediately.  The green one is on my list for redness reduction too. 
The Mono Shadow
I'm loving these solo to add a glossy hint of shimmer to the lid.  They're truly the most perfect sheer washes of color.  The downside, it will 100% crease (primer or not) on you if you try to layer it with any matte shadow including ones by YSL.  Ugh.  Seriously though, the colors are all so ethereal they're pretty close to perfect alone.
The Kajal Pencil
This was sent to me by the eyeliner gods... I'm so eyeliner challenged it's pathetic.  I cannot waterline.  I cannot get that hidden line that is dark and wriggled into your lashes so you don't see a line you just create darkness and depth, and I cannot cat eye to save my life.  This stick is so creamy, so blendable and so easy to work with I seriously mastered all 3 in 1 try.  The point is large and smooth and glides on like a dream...[PLA]%20-%20Yves%20Saint%20Laurent%20Beauty%20-%20Tier%203%20Central&adgroup=Yves%20Saint%20Laurent%20Beauty%20-%20Other22&product_partition_id=120548763442&product_id=00505047400986&k_clickid=390ec57f-2d3c-45d9-82fd-781a1f1020fc&gclid=CM7xhb6hs9ACFdgJgQodmicACg

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