Monday, June 19, 2017

Tea Time

Tea To Tan – By Terry
So I love Jergens' gradual self tanner… always have.  It’s cheap, totally fool proof & I think it gives me a light & natural hint of a tan.  I use it on and off pretty much year round just to keep my skin looking even & healthy.  It’s not moisturizing at all though – it actually dries my skin out.  Plus, sometimes I’m just lazy and it doesn’t occur to me to start putting it on by Weds so I glow by Fri.  My “me time” at home in the evenings is basically my shower, it’s literally a luxury if I have a spare minute to put on lotion too.  So I decided to make life easier in a pinch and mostly bc it’s hot and humid AF here & I find myself in cutoffs pretty much every weekend and thus, need my legs to look presentable & pretty. 

This By Terry product is the bomb.  It’s also super affordable, what????  I know!!  It leaves you glowing with the prettiest tan and the most subtle glimmer of shimmer (think slimming shimmer).  By Terry says it will not transfer and it does. Not. Budge.  You legit spray it on your arms/legs wherever, give it a quick blend or frantic mom style rub in as you swat your kid away = immediate gratification.  You’re glowing & ready to roll. 

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