Monday, November 28, 2011

Diptyque Feu De Bois

Diptyque “Wild Fire” Feu De Bois

And… it’s time to think Christmas now, ladies!!  Presents, presents, presents… I’m going to do thoughtful gift ideas all week in a wide range of price points.  Kicking off Monday… A Diptyque candle.  Diptyque is Parisian and it’s basically the Birkin of candles.

The scent above is my favorite, it’s woodsy and musky and smells kind of like a fireplace that is burning the best smelling wood you’ve ever encountered.  Lucky Nashvillians can visit the Diptyque counter at Nordstrom where I bought one for our house this weekend.  A neat thing about Diptyque… they're fun to mix and match.  (i.e. burn the “feu de bois” in your living room while burning the “tuberose” in an adjacent or adjoining room) The result is heaven.  

Plus, the little glass vessels are super chic and the black and white label is adorable.  Prices range from $28-$90 and higher (like $475) if you want to buy a monster (as we hear Taylor Swift did this past weekend).

I’ve added a link to the candles at Nordstrom above and below is a fun hipstamatic print that I snapped of the candle burning happily on my night stand yesterday.  I literally laid next to it all day… aside from a brief hour and a half when I ventured out in the rain to do yoga.  


  1. sounds yummy! I have also seen the glass container used to hold make up brushes or pens once you have used the candle up!

  2. thanks BTB -- you're so clever & crafty!!!