Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oh Oh Oh, It’s Magic!

Egyptian Magic Skin Cream

Most people consider water to be the universal solvent.  I second that but also like to joke that in my world Xanax is the universal solvent (those of you who know me also know I’m really not joking).  In the world of products, this cream is as close to a universal solvent as you’re going to get.  I actually used to use it back in high school and just incorporated it back into my routine.  It’s ideal for rough skin or ultra dry skin (elbows, feet, & hands) but can also tame flyaways, add luster & shine to hair’s ends, gloss an eyelid, or be used as a lip balm.  I think you could probably grease a squeaky door or chair with it too! It’s been around forever and is the perfect balm to store in your nightstand!

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