Tuesday, March 19, 2013

La Mer Eye Serum

La Mer The  Eye Concentrate

If anything has been my saving grace lately, it’s without a doubt this La Mer eye serum.  I buy eye creams/serums but until I became a mom, I didn’t stick to a religious routine of use with any of them.  I am new to sleep deprivation and my under eyes are what’s giving my current state of exhaustion away.

I’m puffy, purple, and I swear my fine lines have multiplied ten times over.  I started using this serum day and night about 6 weeks ago and the results are amazing.  It’s tough to spend this kind of money on an eye cream but an ounce will truly last you forever as I’m still on a sample from 6 weeks ago.  I guess this will be my Mother’s Day gift to myself?  I don’t think I can go without it ever again.  The delicate skin around my eyes is refreshed, renewed, and hydrated and my lines are SO much less obvious.  

I’m really impressed how de-puffed I am after continuous use + putting this serum on when I apply my day cream/hbefore my makeup has made my foundation/highlighter/shadow around the eye area look really flawless and smooth.  A bold statement coming from someone who gets only 5 hours of interrupted sleep per night.

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