Friday, March 22, 2013

Tom Ford

Tom Ford Lip Color Shine  -- Insidious

If you look up the definition of Insidious, you’ll find this: “Proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects.”  The only thing potentially harmful about this lip shine is the price tag.  $48 for a lipstick is a lot  no matter what walk of life you’re from… but, true to the dictionary definition, this gloss/stick hybrid is a beautiful but subtle natural coral that is totally wearable, super flattering and absolutely perfect for Spring.  At first you think it’s pretty and then it gradually grows on you until you end up obsessed, like I did.  It feels like a balm and the color is nice and light with just a hint of sparkle - really added a nice pop of color to my pale skin.  The formula is extremely moisturizing, wears very well for a gloss, and makes your lips look luminous and conditioned thanks to ingredients like chamomilla flower oil and sojo seed.  

Next on my want list by Mr. Ford:

Too bad this guy will set you back about 4k. TGIF!!!

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