Monday, September 23, 2013

Falling for Fall (via Diptyque)

I’m craving Fall in a big way this year… I celebrated the first day of Fall (a crisp and sunny 75 degree day in Nashville) by hitting the Diptyque counter at Nordstrom and snapping up 2 candles and a new perfume!  The candles I chose were “Noisetier” (aka Hazelnut) and “Pomander” (aka orange clove) – such a nice autumn combo burning together or separately.

Let me just reiterate that Diptyque candles, while definitely the most pricey, are truly the best for multiple reasons.  One, they actually omit quite a lovely scent while not burning.  Two, they really do burn for the amount of time they claim (i.e. 60 hours) – that’s if you people know to trim your wicks (a must!) and Three, their fragrances are just amazing and powerful yet not in an over powering way! 

The perfume I picked is “Eau Duelle” – this is a vanilla based musky scent with a hint of black frankincense.  It smells warm and cozy to me.  My accompanying bestie thought it smelled like “tobacco in a musky bar in London” -- we both loved it!  I bought the perfume solid to travel with & the actual bottle to keep at home.  I cannot stop smelling my wrists!  I haven’t bought myself a perfume in a long time and I forgot what a nice pick me up it is.

Then I bought 2 dozen miniature white pumpkins and filled a bowl on my dining room table with them!  Is it Halloween yet?  Haha.  

I bought a few products this weekend too – look for posts later this week!

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