Monday, September 30, 2013

YSl & Mercier

YSL Ombre Solo Lasting Radiance Eyeshadow (02 Cashmere Brown)

I’m obsessed with this shadow from YSL.  My 2nd Mercier eye caviar stick in gray pearl – my go-to neutral just ran out and I decided to look for a new neutral.  My friend Carmen, at Private Edition, introduced me to this shadow from YSL and it’s the most gorgeous/perfect/base/topper/everything shade either layered or worn alone.  The texture is silky smooth and can be worn sheer or built up for more color.  I have been putting it on top of my other Mercier eye caviar stick (khaki) and loving the shimmery gray/beige natural but defined look they create together.

Speaking of Mercier… I just used a deluxe sample of her Radiance foundation primer and I’m amazed at how gorgeous it made my admittedly not so gorgeous skin look almost instantly.  I feel like I’ve tried this primer before and not been so wild about but, things have changed!! I started with my La Mer soft cream, layered on Mercier’s primer, and then used the tiniest drop of my La Mer foundation and the result lasted all day.  It’s a light pearly tinted primer that camouflages fine lines and covers redness and broken capillaries unbelievably well.  It really did give me a pretty glow all day and I didn’t look the least bit shiny even after 8 hours.   Seriously.  

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