Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ballet on my mind... and my feet

Since having a baby almost 9 months ago I have developed an obsession with barre classes.  55 minutes of sculpting, ab work, and cardio all while helping me look long, lean, and graceful -- yes, please!!

I was actually asked if I was a dancer while picking up some drapes the other day and I about fell. OUT.  Graceful, me???  LOL

Anyhoo, I've also become way more obsessed than usual with ballerina flats. Tory Burch is my long time fav and always will be because they fit my crazy, 2 different size feet perfectly and feel like bedroom slippers though, these Jimmy Choos are pretty fun & comfy too.

I love how all 3 of the pairs I have added to my repertoire over the last few months help me look polished and professional at the office but equally edgy and fun for a night out & they're comfy enough to wear to a tailgate/football game, etc. while also carting around a 9 month old and/or pushing a stroller.  Yes, Ole Miss girls wear s%&t like crystal encrusted Jimmy Choos to football games.  Gag me, I know, but we sure do look cute.   I can assure you I make up the 1% of those girls in comfy flats most are in platforms.  NUTSO.


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