Tuesday, January 14, 2014

current obsessions

Current Obsessions

I’m loving my flat rugged Frye Jenna boots lately & I’m hoping come warmer Spring weather I have the confidence to rock them with cut-offs as I love that look on others… right now they’re ideal with skinny jeans and almost any top.  

I’m also having a major IRO moment.  Their distressed linen fabric is to die for and their tee shirts are perfection.  I have this one in black and navy.  

I can’t get enough of my beautifully  wrinkled and rumpled Frank & Eileen white button up.  It goes with everything and looks super polished and chic.  Added plus – no dry cleaning for this fabulous Italian fabric.

When I’m not in boots I adore these Balenciaga ballerina flats – they were incredibly comfortable right from the get go.  No breaking in needed.  They’re soft and buttery with a substantial sole.  I know I’ll wear them forever which is why I went with standard black. 

This Diptyque hazelnut candle is burning in my house right now and I’m obsessed with it.  It’s warm and welcoming and great for when you’re sick of “pine” and all the other Christmas scents!

I cannot get enough of my sparkly diamond bands right now.  The larger white gold band was a 5 year anniversary gift from my hubby and the two black diamond and rose gold ones are newer (note, my lphone pics do not do them justice), I snapped them up while visiting my BFF in L.A. in Dec. 

 I’m obsessed with her and L.A. too & while we’re on the subject of obsessions… how about this magical creature??  I DIE.  

Sidebar – I’m kind of like a 13 year old in that I’m really digging a tiny bit of sparkle on one nail right now for fun.  Maybe because my go-to color for the last year is a pretty but boring nude or light pink.

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