Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sarah Richey Jewelry

This post is long over-due… as my love for this jewelry line started years ago when I set my eyes on this gorgeous bronzed oxidized cast of a baby bird skull on a gorgeous shimmery onyx and sterling chain.  My hubby bought it for me one Valentine’s Day many years ago and it’s been one of my favorite pieces ever since.  I’ve been wearing it for at least 5 years. 

My next piece was this agate slice on a gold and pink tourmaline chain.  It is light and lovely worn alone or layered.  It looks so pretty and delicate against tanned skin in the summer with floaty caftans and blouses.  I love how organic and natural all of Sarah’s pieces are, especially both of these guys.

After my son was born my husband bought me these beautiful druzy danglers for another Valentine’s Day gift.  They are statement but subtle and I have worn them just as easily to my office as I have out and dressed up on a Saturday night. 

My son was barely 2 months old last Feb. and now that he’s almost 13 months, dangling earrings are only a memory for me as he has quite a little grip and immediately goes right for them.  He loves long blonde hair too.  Look out ladies!!  As my baby and his grip have grown, I’ve been in the market for a new pair of statement studs.  Plus, because I’m usually in necklace(s) I feel like studs often work better for my look.  I live in a pair of diamond studs passed down from my mother but like to amp it up a notch now and then.  

I follow Sarah on Instagram, Pinterest and regularly pass her work in H. Audrey and when I saw these stunners (Jaw. Dropping.) I just knew I had to have them but, they were far too long and thus far too enticing for the little lovebug in my life so, what’s a girl to do??  Request a custom order in stud form of course.  Since Sarah’s pieces are all one of a kind and and all made by her in her own studio she often can work with you to customize a piece and give you several choices or alternatives of the same piece as each piece itself is unique and different. 

Sarah is truly a rare gem (pun intended) and her amazing work is something you’ll forever treasure.  Her jewelry is carefully made and the quality and craftsmanship are unbeatable. 

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