Thursday, January 16, 2014

Oh Mande

Oliver Peoples

I thought I knew what I wanted when I hit the sunglasses counter at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills but boy, was I wrong.  I tried on the Tom Ford frames I was positive were the next ones for me when the man behind the counter let me know otherwise, by otherwise I mean in the form of “honey, those are not working with your nose” – I’ll admit, my feelings were a bit hurt but, homeboy knew what he was talking about and he helped me select a frame that apparently was a much better match for my face, err schnozz.

I ended up with black tortoiseshell gradient polarized lens shades by Oliver Peoples.  The style I (we) chose are the “mande” which is modified cat eye shape & I’m love, love, loving them.  They’re truly the sunnies I never knew I always wanted.  A plus of hitting the optical counter at NM Bev Hills (aside from brutal yet helpful honesty) is that they fit you for sunnies like they’re fitting you for eyeglasses.  You leave with frames that are perfectly straight and as comfortable as can be behind the ears and on the big ole nose.  Like my fav Tom Ford, Peoples’ does not stamp a huge logo on the side of his frames or adorn them with glitter and gems.  I mean you have to draw the line somewhere, right?  Embellished sunnies?  No thanks.  Anyhoo, thanks to the uber straightforward salesman at NM, this pair of Oliver Peoples frames will most definitely not be my last.  

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