Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Santa Rosa Spring Break

I cannot wait to hit the beach with this sweet soul in just a few short weeks.  (also in tow, my baby, perhaps a dog or two, my hubby and hers…)


Because I’ve been craving down time & relaxation on a white sandy beach… I’m packing only the comfiest of comfy essentials. For the first time in my adult life I’m not worried about reservations, the cutest coordinated outfits, a schedule, etc.  My beach suitcase is basically going to consist of maxi skirts, cut offs, flat sandals & flip flops, baseball hats, loose tanks and light cardigans. I’ll admit it feels kind of free to have no plans!


I’m dreaming of us all sipping mimosas together on Easter Sunday (Easter brunch was the one thing we actually did plan) taking in the view of the ocean from the gorgeous patio at our fav Seaside restaurant (Vue).  I’m thinking for that particular occasion I might step up the dress a notch and wear something to this effect:

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  1. I'm so excited, can't wait for this week to fly by!