Friday, March 21, 2014

My Spring Scent(s)

Saffron & Red Roses by Jo Malone

After much deliberation I settled on Jo Malone's Saffron fragrance and to add to it, I’m layering Saffron with Malone’s Red Roses.  Both are equally delicious on their own.  Malone refers to her “saffron” cologne as saffron mixed with pink pepper and incense.  The sales girl at Nordstrom told me it smelled like “leather” – other reviewers describe it as “dark, smoky and haunting.”  It is definitely a dark, moody & musky scent – unlike anything I’ve ever tried.  I did not immediately love it but now I’m totally hooked.  It is not super intense and reminds me a bit of the Delirium “suede and smoke” candle I blogged about last week.  I would describe it as exotic and maybe woodsy with a hint of vanilla though there is something peppery about it too.  I’m loving the deeper more intense scents of Malone’s entire “cologne intense” line.  

I would think it would be ideal layered with any of Malone’s lighter floral scents.  Layered with the roses scent (my pick) it is perfection!

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