Monday, March 17, 2014

March Madness

You would not know how excited I was for Spring by the looks of the rather dark & moody items I’m obsessing over right now… but, these jeans are EVERYTHING!! The high rise waist is flattering and super comfy.  The color is really glam & the fabric seriously feels and wears like a cashmere legging.  I haven’t worn COH denim in years and have honestly never been a fan but, these just might be my new favorite pair!!

My Rag & Bone Newbury booties are for sure my favorite shoes – they are basically the ONLY shoe I can wear for hours upon hours and never be uncomfortable.  Mine are grey and I wear them constantly.  They are also from the first year Rag & Bone introduced shoes as part of their collection and are now pretty worn out.  I’ve been eyeing the Harrow booties for numerous seasons and finally pulled the trigger. My only gripe with my Newbury booties is that the natural wood heal is stained beyond belief and has taken quite a beating.  So, with the Harrow I really wanted a black heal.  But, I wanted to be able to wear the booties throughout all seasons so I decided against the all black leather version.  Pulling off booties with a dress or skirt or even shorts is tough but I’m going to try my hardest to do it this year!  I wanted contrasting heal and boot color and ended up with the suede burgundy/black heal.  I opted for this because it felt less dark than black, seemed like it would hold up better than camel and because my current Newbury boots are grey.  I cannot wait for them to arrive, I love how the dip in the shaft shows your bare ankle on the front and side and I’m dying over the leather strap details.  

This “suede and smoke” candle by Delirium is seriously intoxicating.  It has the perfect musky scent that carries beautifully.  I have it on the bar in my kitchen and could catch a faint hint of the smell when I was walking down my staircase.  It’s a delicious mix of tobacco leaves, moss, and dark tea.  It comes in a beautiful cobalt blue glass vessel and has a complimentary silver lid.  I will also say that it is burning perfectly and quite slow.  I would say the burn time and fragrance is comparable to Diptyque for about $20 less.  

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