Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My simple and gorgeous 2 step eye routine courtesy of Laura Mercier

Apply Laura Mercier’s metallic cream eye colour in Alloy to your lid with your finger or a cream shadow brush.  Alloy is the most gorgeous shimmering sandy charcoal/beige color that really is a neutral.  You can easily build the color for more drama or keep it slightly transparent with just a thin wash of coverage.  Mercier’s cream shadows really are amazing in that they leave your lids looking slightly dewy and glistening (think wet effect) but never ever crease!

Next apply Mercier’s sateen eye colour shadow in pewter to the crease to add depth. Pewter is a grayish green with smoky tones – it blends flawlessly with the cream color and gives you the most beautiful lids in seriously 5 mins. or less.  For night, I’d just add black liner!!  Polished, super simple and oh so pretty! 

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