Wednesday, March 5, 2014

eyelash extensions

The Word on Lash Extensions

First (and obvi), I have them.  Second, I LOVE how they look.  Third, they are more high maintenance than someone with jet black hair going platinum and requiring roots that never surface.  Numerous issues starting with… Apparently I sleep flat on my face (so odd) and/or on my side so, my lashes take a beating while I sleep – this is a big prob in the world of lash extensions.  You cannot just lean over your sink or into your shower stream anymore and lather up your whole face with cleanser morning or night, which sucks.  One must use a makeup remover towelette to clean the eye area very carefully and then a cloth to clean the rest of face avoiding the delicate fringe new to your eye area.  In this last month I have come to rely heavily on q-tips soaked in Bioderma which I have become obsessed with & now cannot live without (topic for a later post).   This new facial cleansing routine takes time and is quite an adjustment.

On the flip side, it is super nice to wake up with perfectly curled, super dark, super long lashes that require zero mascara, curling, etc.  This saves time in the morning when I need it most due to my 14.5 month old son.  You can easily get by with barely any eye makeup at all and still look glamorous and polished.  Daily I’m now barely penciling in my brows, taking all of 30 seconds to line my top and bottom lids with a black smudged pencil & applying Bobbi Brown’s cream shadow in matte slate to my crease to add a bit of depth (I use Bobbi’s cream shadow brush for the application) – to glam it up a notch on the weekend I’ll add a touch of shimmer shadow, highlight my brow bones, and add mascara to my bottom lashes.  The overall look feels minimal, simple, and fresh.  Perfect for Spring.    

Bottom line: Lash extensions are expensive – they typically run about $200 a set.  They say you need every 4 week “refills” or touch ups which run you about $65 a piece.  I got mine on Feb. 8th and have had to go in for a touch up (albeit a small one ($30)) twice already.  Now I’m just trying to keep them up until my BFF’s engagement party in NYC at the end of the month -- or maybe her shower in May -- though I'd love to get to her actual wedding in July with them (highly doubtful).  After that, I think I’ll just try dying them.  I never knew how blonde they were until they had black mink hair woven into them.  If you have a trip (honeymoon perhaps?) or series of special occasions these guys are ideal and if you have unlimited time/money – they are also ideal.  Since I don’t really require color on my hair but 2-3 times a year I could prob afford to keep this up BUT, while I adore the way they look, they really are a pain in the ass. 

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