Friday, September 5, 2014

Charlote Tilbury

It’s a shame that I literally just restocked my La Mer (which I use as a night cream) because I have been curious about Charlotte Tilbury’s “magic cream” for years!  I was thrilled to see Tilbury’s line has finally made an appearance stateside & when I saw Net-a-porter had free next day shipping earlier this week, I couldn’t resist snapping up a few goodies. 

As you all know I love a good nude (read nearly colorless) gloss!  Plus, I was totally enticed by the “lasting lip lacquer” claim.  Obviously, this gloss does not wear for the six hours it claims… but, it did stay put & glossy for a solid hour which is a major achievement in the gloss world!  I got Hall of Fame and High Society.  Hall of Fame is literally clear but adds shine and polish, which I love.  The gloss is non sticky and non-drying.

I’m constantly on a quest for the perfect black pencil to create the ultimate “I woke up like this” rocker, smudgy, eye… I think I’ve mastered the look every so often but I haven’t and thus, I keep trying… I snapped up this black eye pencil (I mean, it is called “rock n kohl”) & an accompanying smudgy shadow pencil.  I love how Tilbury’s descriptions tell you which shadow pencil will look best with your eye color.  I love the kohl eye pencil – it’s so easy to apply and really get all the pigment in bw the lashes for a nice dark lash line.  The champagne shadow pencil adds the prettiest hint of sparkle and looks perfect smudged against the black line from the pencil.   I’m definitely that much closer to my inspired look…. XO

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