Friday, July 6, 2012

BB Creams -- Don't believe the Hype?? (or do?)

The elusive, mysterious, and getting oh so much attention -- BB Cream…

Have you guys tried one yet?  People in the beauty world are just going bonkers over them & I have to admit, I’m dragging in pulling the trigger on one.  Why?  I do not know?  Maybe because I don’t really get why it’s all that different from a tinted moisturizer??  In any event, I’m on the BB Cream wagon now and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Stila one that I ordered last week.  Look for my review next week but until then, check it out on Stila’s website:

I think Smashbox’s BB Cream is supposed to be pretty fab too plus it contains SPF.  I actually tried this one at Sephora and loved the look, consistency, and feel of the product – they were just out of the shade I needed at the time!

Which BB cream is on your radar??

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  1. I have yet to jump on the BB bandwagon - I am curious though!

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