Thursday, July 5, 2012

Emi Jay

Emi Jay Hair ties & Head bands

I’m seriously obsessed with this line of ultra luxe rubber bands thought up by two adorable L.A. teenagers.  I seriously will NEVER use a regular Goodie rubber band again.  I shudder at the thought.  Seeing as how my hair is longer and thicker than prob 95% of the population I am always toting hair ties in my bag, my car, and usually around my wrist.  Emi Jay’s products are so cute and in such fun colors and textures they actually blend in with whatever your daily arm candy is!!  I typically buy the 5-packs for $11.99.  My last set was a pack of jewel tones with one glittery wild card thrown in.  The best part about Emi Jay is that they will not dent or crease your hair!  I sleep in them all the time and wake up with kink-free perfectly straight locks.  The fabric is great quality and they last forever.  I usually buy mine at Cosmetic Market in the Hill Center.   

Check out their cute website at the link below:

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