Monday, June 3, 2013

Life’s Little Luxuries

Linnea Lights candles (my favs are cashmere & sweetgrass)

If you’re in town, you can buy these decadent candles at Ashblue. 

Diptyque Feu de Bois colored glass candle

(This guy currently lives in my entry way but travels from room to room)

Peonies (when in season) cut short and stuffed into vases throughout my home.

I buy mine at Whole Foods or Import Flower Mart on Murphy Rd. 

I also love lilies and of course roses!
(here are some shots of the current arrangements in my home)

A yummy glass of red or white wine.  My current go-to for white is this Chardonnay:

For reds I’m loving a Petite Syrah or this Pinot:

A pair of jeans (Rag & Bone) that are comfortable but make you feel and look like a million bucks:

A killer t-shirt: (yep, I found another winner from Fluxus!)

Seriously, sitting on my sofa or deck on a weekend evening with my baby, girlfriends, Mum, hubby, or doggy (or all of them/any combo) in jeans and a tee with my feet bare, a great candle burning, fresh flowers on my table, sipping a good glass of wine & I’m a happy gal.  

It’s the little things, ladies… and if I had all day my list would also include things like a killer skin cream or body lotion, a perfect perfume, a massage, a great blowout, a barre class or hour of yoga at my fav studio, sea salt dark chocolate by Mast Brothers, macaroons, amazing coffee, pimento cheese from The Picnic… you catch my drift.  

Happy Monday.  I was feeling a bit down so I thought I’d list a few things that make me really happy!

I swear I'll start buying products again soon.  Bear with me.  

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