Wednesday, July 17, 2013


 COOLA SPF Skincare

Many thanks to my Mum for introducing me to this fabulous SPF (acts as a super matte primer) from COOLA.  This product is AMAZE and goes on smooth and cool and makes your foundation look pretty close to perfect.  Thanks to the product’s 100% organic composition there is no stinging, tingling, or irritation (as I find with many facial SPFs) – all you feel with this guy is refreshing cucumber.  I even love it alone on weekends to keep my skin both protected and shine free.  I’m excited to try the tinted matte moisturizer which contains SPF as well.  COOLA’s products are reasonably priced and have apparently already gained quite a cult following.  Check out the “press” section on their website.  Guess I’ve been in a baby bubble!

Happy hump day!

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