Monday, December 5, 2011

(Pla) Cosmetics

(Pla) Cosmetics

I had the pleasure of meeting and having a makeover with the lovely and inspirational Stephanie Green Bass “SGB” – founder and CEO of Pla Cosmetics over the weekend.  What a treat!!  SGB is a gorgeous mom, entrepreneur, and seriously talented makeup artist and creator.  Plus, she is just so much fun!  

I have blogged about my love for Pla’s lipgloss way back in May (See my 5/16/11 post) and I literally jumped at the chance to meet her in person at Woo this weekend. Side bar – (Woo has made the store look so festive and inviting – I highly recommend stopping in!!) SGB created a gorgeous smoky eye for me and smoothed out my uneven, tired skin with her primer (it puts the Smashbox cult classic to shame), her mineral foundation, and a beauty blender sponge.

We added blush, a couple coats of mascara/primer and I was ready to hit to the town looking refreshed and revived!!  SGB believes every woman has their own story to tell & we bonded over our 2 very different stories of love & loss that in the end, probably aided in bringing the two of us together.  I’ll refer you to her company’s website to read more about her story.  As SGB would say, “what’s yours?”

If I touched on every product I LOVED from Pla’s line this post would turn into a dissertation.  So, I’ll just highlight a few.  1) lipgloss in “eye candy” – a shimmery but not over the top gorgeous tawny pink flecked with the smallest micro bits of golden sparkle -- I'm seriously obsessed with her glosses!! 2) lip pencil in “vintage 006” – super long lasting, really added emphasis and definition to my look and goes on smooth & velvet-like. 3) lash primer – why have I not tried a lash primer before???  This literally tripled the volume and effect of my lashes in 2 swipes. 

Pla is eco-friendly and almost all of their products are paraben-free.  Honestly, as far as this whole line goes, what’s not to love??!!

If you’re in Nashville or Atlanta you can buy Pla at Woo:  or, you can do as I often do and shop online using the link provided above. 

Here are a couple shots from the “process” and one of the final result.  Happy Monday!!

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  1. Sweet Carly, thank you for the kind words but you were the inspirational one! I LOVED meeting you and (Plā)ing in makeup. Look forward to my next trip to Nashville! XOXO SGB :)