Wednesday, December 7, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things… (as of late)

Here’s a couple recent finds keeping me feeling warm & fuzzy during this rainy and chilly December in Nashville. (This might be 2 posts)

Imogene + Willie Earl Flannel

This takes me right back to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” era when I wore a flannel and vintage Levi’s 501 cutoffs to my school dance.  No joke.  I repeated this look for my first day of high school back in 1994.  It didn’t go over well.  My BFF found it so memorable (in a funny way, not cool) that she brought it up in her toast at my wedding.

Thanks to I + W flannel is now fashionable, cool, & even office appropriate again!!

*Photo courtesy of Imogene + Willie.  If you’re not familiar you must check out this local gem that’s getting some MAJOR national hype…

Imogene + Willie “Imogene” Stretch Stovepipe jean

Ok, so maybe not the world’s most comfortable jean at this time (they totally give and conform in time) but damn, do they make me look skinny!  I’m talking legs like the original Ariel in the original Footloose -- skinny!!  I can wear them all night – I just can’t eat.  Worth it.

 **Photo courtesy Imogene + Willie
See link above to purchase online.

Goyard monogrammed PM tote

Hello, I love you.  That is all.  But really, this waterproof, heavy duty tote can carry all your goods while still looking completely chic and not the least bit frumpy.  It was supposed to be a “travel tote” and it still is but I’m so in love I’ve taken to carrying it as my day bag lately.  Great for stuffing holiday shopping bags in, your scarf and/or coat (when the mall is 100 degrees), and everything & anything else.  Honestly, you could carry this thing through a blizzard and it would emerge A-ok with the contents perfectly protected.  Thank you Bubby!!!  

(sorry, no link to this puppy online – I suggest visiting the Goyard counter @ Bergdorf’s in NYC where I got mine.)

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