Thursday, January 12, 2012

By Terry Eye Serum

By Terry Clarte de Rose Firming Lift Radiant Eye Serum

I am oddly prone to eye puffiness in the morning – despite getting 8.5 hours of sleep pretty religiously throughout my adult life.  Better puffy than dark circles though, right?  This is the one and only cream/serum that has ever succeeded in de-puffing me!  I absolutely adore it.  It doesn’t irritate eyes and although it is a “serum” it goes on more like a cream, feeling hydrating and moisturizing.  It contains 46 active ingredients that fight dark circles, wrinkles, and of course puffiness.  Of course some of those ingredients are derived from the signature rose. I swear you wake up looking smooth & refreshed.  New Moms, you NEED this!! Pretty spectacular. Buy at & get a special offer – I’ve added a link below.

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