Monday, January 30, 2012

Dream a BIG dream...

La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night

Somehow I just knew this product was going to be $500.  I have this dream that one day I will live my life with my husband on this fabulous yacht in St. Tropez surrounded by Hermes china & matching towels and a light up dance floor (think classy Saturday Night Fever)… well, also in this dream I will be slathering myself from head to toe in La Prairie products which will be delivered by the case by my own personal helicopter.  (Allan, if you’re reading, I’m 32 – can you make this happen by the time I’m 40, please??)
Anyhoo, like all La Prairie skincare, you use this & know you must have it, then you look it up, and want to cry…

I’ve been plagued with angry dry skin these last couple months because our Nashville weather is so weird.  Dry skin magnifies everything that’s bad… wrinkles, fine lines, clogged pores.  2 nights of this product and I’m glowing and smooth again.  The product contains retinol (which can be drying) but a burst of oxygen counteracts that drying effect and plumps and smoothes.  My fine lines were diminished, my dry flaking skin completely disappeared and in it’s place appeared fresh, luminous skin.  If you can swing the $475 for an ounce price you should bath in this.  You’ll look 15 years younger. 

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