Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chantecaille Petales

Chantecaille Petales Eau de Parfum

I got this scent as a mistake but loved it so much that I ended up keeping it! It’s like a breath of spring air in the dead of winter.  It is lighter and more floral than the scents I usually go for… maybe I was due for a change?? Balsam, tuberose, & jasmine are the main components in this ethereal fragrance though it is warmed up a bit by gardenia, musk & sandalwood.  It is delicious.  Thank you, Mum.

Chantecaille’s scents stay on the skin better than any other brand, IMO, but are never too heavy or overpowering.  I got the mini roll-on size for Christmas and as soon as I take it out of my bag, it immediately makes me smile & lightens my day.  My only complaint about this brand’s perfume is that the fragrances aren’t offered in multiple (or even 2) sizes.  Springing for the one-size-only $175 bottle is tough but, it’s huge and they are truly spectacular.

Here is a link to the product at Nordstrom: 

If you aren’t jumping at the thought of dropping close to $200 right after Christmas… Neiman’s still has the $68 limited edition roll-on version:

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