Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cle de Peau Wrinkle Correcting Concentrate

Cle de Peau Wrinkle Correcting Concentrate

I have admitted it before, I use Botox in my forehead (a very little bit) to keep wrinkles at bay.  I’ll be 33 in November and I started on my 30th birthday.  Again, very small doses, only a couple times a year -- honesty is the best policy, right?  Being pregnant, I’m on a (self decided) Botox break. (sidebar: I know plenty of woman who used Botox through pregnancy and gave birth to perfectly healthy children; I just decided to suspend my use until after birth) Unfortunately, you’re also barred from prescription grade retinol when pregnant.  So, how was I to keep my fine lines & wrinkles under wraps for 9 ½ months?  This miracle worker from Cle de Peau is my answer.  Well, that and lactic acid peels every 6 weeks .  

I love this concentrate.  I apply it before bed to my forehead and a couple areas around my eyes.  It has no chemical smell and it feels really moisturizing.  The formula actually prevents future wrinkles as it repairs existing ones.  It does contain retinol, though minimal amounts… it also contains ingredients that maximize cell turnover and regenerate & rejuvenate your cell’s vitality.  

I can honestly say, there is not a single pronounced line on my forehead.  MAJOR!!!

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