Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!!

I’m 33 years old today.  Oy.  Where did the time go???  Seeing as how I’m 8 and a half months pregnant, got a fabulous new (to me) car a couple months ago, have our current house for sale but not sold, and am building our dream house in dream locale that will be ready in March (well, dream locale within reason – I’d really much rather be in a villa in St. Tropez but hey, in time, right??) my hubby and I decided to be responsible and forgo (my) birthday/Christmas gifts this year and just funnel it all into items for our new house and baby.  

I did treat myself to a piece of jewelry from Nashville designer Alizah Greenberg.  Her work is stunning and I’ve been obsessed with owning a piece ever since seeing a crystal/diamond creation by Alizah on a bestie several years ago.  Alizah’s work is organic, raw, and imperfect – she makes pendants and drops of semi precious and precious stones, crystal and petrified wood, and glams them up by adding 18 kt gold details and diamond accents.  Each piece is unique and one of a kind and something you’ll wear forever. 
The piece I chose after much deliberation was a polished petrified wood pendant, with 18 kt gold hardware and a diamond accent – I’m wearing it on an oxidized sterling silver box chain.  I have literally not taken it off since Saturday when I bought it.  Check out a pic of my piece below and check out more of Alizah’s stunning work on her website:

Now, you know I wasn’t going to forgo a push present in addition to birthday and Christmas after carrying this little fella for 9+ months even though his delivery is scheduled for the day after Christmas… Here’s a sneak peak of what I chose from designer Temple St. Clair:

How gorgeous will these pieces be layered together??  I’m truly a lucky girl.

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