Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ReVive Pore Repair Serum

ReVive Pore Correctif Repair Serum

Leave it to ReVive to create another wonder product that I HAVE to have.  This serum is amazing and the best part is that you see immediate results.  It’s colorless, odorless, ultra fast absorbing, and leaves your skin primed to perfection.  It is meant to be applied morning and night – the science behind this killer concoction is that skin cells are tricked into flattening as soon as they reach the skin surface therefore mimicking younger/newer skin with pores that are tighter, smoother, and far less visible.  

We all know (much like other parts, i.e neck, boobs, etc.) that pores loosen and sag with age – why not target the problem now with a serum that addresses the issue immediately and in the long term with continued use??  More than just serum – an actual retexturizer!  A winner for sure!!

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